Insurance for Pit Bulls

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Insurance for Pit Bulls

This Post Was Updated on 3/19/13

Think moving or being with a home insurance company that does not allow Pit Bulls means you will have to part with your pet?  Think again!  There are options out there for Pit Bull and bully breed owners, and there are home insurance companies that do not carry breed restrictions. 

Whether your are a property owner or renter, there is no need for you to give up your beloved bully in exchange for housing – simply change your insurer and start enjoying your time with your pet.  This article will cover insurance options for both home owners and renters looking for Pit Bull friendly insurance, as well as a discussion of ways to keep your current Pit-friendly coverage.

For more information on this topic please read: What Is Dog Liability Insurance?

Home Owners

There are presently a handful of companies that do not have any type of breed/pet restrictions for homeowners, and can be identified as Pit Bull friendly insurance companies.

The Pitbull friendly insurance agencies include:

  1. Einhorn Insurance (If you contact them please mention Save A Bull, and for every policy they write, Einhorn Insurance will donate $20 to rescue)
  2. Chubb Group
  3. State Farm
  4. United Services Automobile Association

These insurances may not be available in all areas or to all dog owners, so you will have to do a bit of independent research to determine which insurance agency will work for your and your pet Pit Bull.  Each owner needs to be sure their policy covers injuries inflicted by any of their pets and has personal liability limit of at least $100,000.


Your landlord should have their own policy covering dog related incidents that take place on the property you are renting, but all renters should obtain supplemental insurance to be sure their dog is covered.  Renters insurance covers a broad spectrum of things including your personal items like television, computers, furniture, artwork, etc., in addition to providing coverage for your pet.  You will need to make sure your renters insurance specifically covers pet-related incident, and you will want to be sure to carry a policy that has at least $100,000 in personal liability coverage in case of an incident.  Many of the major insurers above also offer coverage for renters, so you will want to contact your preferred provider and see what they have to offer.


How to Keep Existing Homeowner and Renter’s Insurance for your Pit Bull

  1. Enroll your Pit Bull in obedience classes, and consider taking your dog to obtain Canine Good Citizen certification.
  2. Neuter male Pits to reduce dominance related issues.
  3. Make sure your bully gets lots of appropriate exercise – dogs with predatory or herding instincts need to channel those inherent tendencies in socially acceptable ways to prevent acting out.
  4. Keep dogs on leash or in a fully, physically fenced area when outside.
  5. Always make sure your pet Pitbull is supervised around children.
  6. Teach children (and adults) how to behave around animals. For example, don’t disturb dogs while sleeping or eating, and do not bother mother dogs who are with their puppies.
  7. Be aware of the signals that you yourself send to your dog; i.e. your nervousness will manifest itself within your dog.
  8. Demonstrate what it means to be a responsible dog owner.

Dog owners need to be aware that an insurance company could potentially find a way to impose a dog exclusion or cancel a policy, depending on the municipality’s vicious dog laws (invoked if a dog has bitten), or any breed bans in place.  Unfortunately, breed specific bans are popping up all over the country, and Pit Bulls are often the focus of these types of laws.  Make sure you keep up to date on your city’s laws, and adhere to any breed-specific laws they have in place for taking dogs in public and proper procedures.  The last thing an owner needs if for an insurance company to cite exclusions in a homeowner’s policy about not covering damage or injury caused by a dog who was not supposed to be in the county; this is why it is so important to keep current with your local laws.

Contact Einhorn and Help Pit Bull Rescue

Einhorn Insurance will be happy to help responsible dog owners (regardless of breed) in California get home, renter, condo, landlord and liability insurance. You will not be discriminated against just because one of your kids is a Pit Bull (provided you don’t have a “documented” history of biting). Mention Save A Bull, and for every policy they write, Einhorn Insurance will donate $20 to It’s The Pits (a Southern California Pit and Bully Breed Dog Animal Rescue) to help save this wonderful breed. You can contact Einhorn Insurance by phone at 858.336.4644, email at or get a dog liability quote online.

Einhorn Insurance is also able to help residents in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Ohio and New York. They hope to be in all states by 2013.

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  1. Keep me in mined with all info. thank you CINDY L

  2. Andrew

    I just recently looked into what insurance companies allow pitbulls, I found statefarm, erie, allstate and a few others have no restriction to dog breeds. We are looking to adopt a 6 months old pit that is in foster care right now. We currently have safeco and they told us we couldn’t have one so we went shopping for a new insurance company, and decided to go with state farm. We have looked at a couple pittbuls so far in the past and they were all extremely sweet dogs and never showed a single bit of aggression. We have a jack russle/bostom mix right now, and he is more aggrieve than any pit i have ever met.

    • Ashley

      Thanks! I just got off the phone with state farm and they do insure pit bulls and other high risk breeds with NO extra premium, as long as your dog has no previous record of bitting or being vicious. I also called MET LIFE and they will insure them but only with dog training, a fenced yard, and their agent must meet your dog. My suggestion is to call STATE FARM. BTW i live in oregon so this is oregons policies.

    • Melissa

      Allstate is a no go, was just denied renters insurance because i have a 1 year all American Pit.

    • Lori

      Ur jack/Boston terrier is also a part of the American Stratford terrier family which is how a lot of people get away with the breed in their homes. People dont no the breed often only can call them by there nose color which is not the name of them. I have 3 two are mixed with labs an recused from abusive homes an 1 is full American Stratford straight from breeder an they are all spoiled babies but you do really need a lot of time with them an socialize more then enough an exercise them or they get into trouble an most are either people aggressive or dog aggressive but if u train an do all the right things they are the best friend you ever wanna have mine are so good that my 2 yr old grandbaby walks them herself.

    • sue

      I have auto/renters ins. through Erie ins. and they DO NOT ALLOW the Pitbull Breed, I too wanted to adopt a pit from a foster home.

  3. Shasta

    Unfortunately Einhorn does not insure pets in Alamaba.

  4. PA dog owner

    Not so sure State Farm still likes pit bulls. I have a mutt, mostly boxer and pit, and when I applied I was asked if the dog was aggressive or trained to attack. Of course, I answered no, and to be honest, I did disclose that he is part pit bull. Later that day, the agent sent one of her lackies to my house, unannounced, and my dog happened to be outside on a bathroom break when she arrived.

    Anyway, he started barking through our fence, and she immediately said she would not insure me because my dog wasn’t ‘friendly’. I guess dogs arent supposed to bark when someone is at the door?? Mind you, it’s a stranger at the house, and she did not even make an attempt to interact with my dog.

    After some convincing by my wife, the lackie came in to our house, and my wife explained that he just gets excited for visitors. After we provided some treats for her to give the dog, there was some small talk, and then my dog literally put his nose against her hand. The lady then jumped up claiming my dog bit her. When asked to see her hand, she obliged and there was not even a mild red mark. Now, I have seen what my dog can do to his toys and any type of bone type treat, so I can say that if he bit her, it would have at least left a scratch of some kind.

    So, at that point, she left and I received a call about 10 minutes later saying they couldn’t cover me because of my dog. I am a very responsible dog owner, and my dog does not have a bite history (besides wanting to give love bites on my ear when I lay on the floor). I have been a homeowner for 12 years and never once filed a claim of any kind, and literally live across the street from my local small town police station and 1 mile from the fire department. But, because my dog barks and went to sniff the hand of someone that just handed him a treat, I’m suddenly high risk.

    I am also in the insurance industry, so I understand risk. I also am aware that having a pit bull bark at you can be intimidating. But, at the same time, any reasonable person knows that dogs bark when the doorbell rings or someone knocks on the door (no matter the breed), and all dogs sniff strangers.

    In a way, I’m happy it happened this way, so I know what kind of operation they run before I need to file a claim. I have no problem giving my money to another insurer.

    • Josie

      what state are you in?

    • Erick

      I would contact State Farm Corporate office and deal with a different agent. I am a proud owner of an American Pit Bull Terrier and my State Farm agent has assured me SEVERAL times we will not have an issue. Just like any other dog owner they insure, they only deny coverage or increase premiums if an incident has occurred in the past.

  5. Andrea S.

    You’ll need to remove Farmer’s from that list. As of this week they’ve dropped coverage for Rottweilers, Pitbull breeds, and Wolf hybrids

    • Rachael Gunstanson

      I purchased renters insurance through State Farm last month and they DO cover pit bulls. Maybe it varies from state to state. 3/7/13 Texas

  6. Rachael Gunstanson

    Michael I’ve owned my beautiful pitbull for 6 years now. I’m a responsible dog owner who never chains her to a tree, feeds her twice a day, her water bowl is always full, she has a big back yard with privacy fence, we go on walks almost every day, she stays in a large crate when we have to leave the home, she has lots of toys and she gets lots of love. I’ve raised her with my 2 sons who roughhouse with her, aggravate her, pull her tail, try to ride her like a horse ect ect and she has never once shown one ounce of aggressiveness toward any family member or friend who has stepped foot into my home nor has she shown aggression to anyone we meet at football games, petsmart, on our walks or any other public place I choose to take her. For you to say my dog should be put down and she is a disposable dog is first of all a flat out lie and secondly very Infuriating! And from your grammar and typing skills I must say, I agree with the person who said you’re not very bright!

  7. Rachael Gunstanson

    Thanks for the info! I just purchased renter’s insurance through state farm here in TX. State Farm does not discriminate against breeds here in TX. They only ask if the dog has been trained to attack and if it has ever bitten someone.

  8. Lily

    You people that are afraid of pit bulls (mine aren’t “Pit bulls” they are AMERICAN STAFFORD-SHIRE TERRIER’S)should come meet my Goober. He won’t bite you to death, he’ll LICK you to death.

  9. EvanVA

    I have a pitbull, we only have 2 weeks to move and idk wht to do no places will let us rent with a pitbull, they say no insurance companies take them. someone help please!

    • Michael

      Insurance companies don’t cover it because they are extremely dangerous. My recommendation is that you put them down and get dogs which were not breed to be dangerous.

      • Lily

        should we put you down when you get nervous?

      • Jamie

        WTF is wrong with you? people kill people all the time, and what do we do? “Put them down” nope we let them sit in prison and rot while they use our money to get fed three times a day and earn GED’s and college credit…. We no longer use the death penalty because its “cruel and unusual.” Why should we “put” a dog down for NOT killing someone?

        Why don’t you sit down with a pit bull or any other dog. see the true love they have for their owners… Or are you just scared of all dogs? You should understand that ANY dog can be aggressive. It all depends on how the dog it raised. Watch some TV and see even small breed dogs bite… actually they probably bite more than envy other dog, it just never gets reported.

        • Amanda

          That is very true any breed can bite my moms little dog bite my nephew when the dog got startled it’s their reaction but my sister sued my moms insurance and got 68,000 remind you that the dog is a mutt


        • Thank you you made my day ever thing u said is true animals give LOVE wen u show them LOVE prisoners take are $$ and give us HELL THANK S Cindy L

      • Elizabeth


        What has a Pit Bull ever done to you to make you think/act like this?

      • Dana G.

        ALL DOGS can be dangerous, not just Bully breeds. In fact, many miniature and toy breeds are known to be very aggressive and prone to biting. After 17 years of cat ownership we rescued an American Bully, Mathilda, and she is the friendliest dog we know. She loves our cats, our kids and all of our friends’ dogs (even though one of those dogs, a miniature breed, hates her). She doesn’t even bark, unless her toys are stuck under the sofa. Individual dogs are like individual people, they behave how they are allowed to behave unless they are taught proper manners. So apparently your parents have raised you to be ignorant and have poor manners and judgement. BTW, (a rescue in Rochester, NY) has a list of insurance companies that will insure owners of bully breeds.

      • candace

        You are disgusting, my pit helped me in finding cancer to bad ignorant people cant be put down you would be first on list Michael, if people cant say something in regards to the topic keep your damn mouth shut. This is in regards to home owners policies google ignorant see if you are defined in search

      • eileen

        No micheal they werent bred for that originally they were nanny dogs…luckily for you we are not allowed to put down uneducated idiots like you

      • Tony

        Michael, I have a sign in my office that says “Never underestimate the power of a large group of stupid people”

        I think you must be the group leader.

        You sir are a complete moron.

    • Kimberlee

      I live in Wisconsin. We have State Farm Insurance. The reason we went with them is because they allow Pit Bulls(they do not discriminate against ANY type of dog). They also have Renter’s Insurance. We have Home Owner’s Insurance but we are looking to sell and want to rent. I asked ALOT of questions and they were very helpful. Good Luck!

    • Lily

      Take him to a no kill shelter if you have no other resources.

  10. Steph

    I’m in Richmond, Virginia, and I recently added my two dogs to my Progressive renters policy, and one dog is a full pit (other is a shepherd mix). Adding the pit cost an extra $280 surcharge for “High Risk Dog Premium.” So Progressive (who does renters’ insurance through Homesite) accepts them, but with a hefty surcharge.

    I asked the Progressive associate if there were any discounts for CGC or affidavits from the trainer or vet, and she said unfortunately not. There is a discount if you have your auto policy with them in addition to the renters.

    • Judie

      Hmmm Progressive just cancelled with us. We have a black lab-pit blend who is 11 years old. Not putting her down nor giving her to a no kill shelter. She is part of our family. She is so gentle and loving. I am here looking for an insurance company that will not tell me what kind of dog I can or can not have. My yorkie is more prone to bit that my gentle lady.

  11. Robin Smith-Lutz

    The University of Pennsylvania has just completed a study involving dog bites and dog aggression. 6,000 dog families took part in the study. The most aggressive dogs and dogs likely to bite or attack another dog in their order #1 Dachshund # 2Chihuahua #3 Jack Russell Terrier. Pit Bulls and Rottweilers ranked average to below average on aggression and biting. I knew that I have had both in my life. And I knew small dogs are far more nasty. While walking my well behaved Pittie in Tractor Supply we were almost attacked by a snarling dachshund. All my boy did was tilt his head and look at him. This study will be published in the Journal of Applied Animal Science. So it is not our Pitties or Rotties that are the biters.

  12. Will

    This list needs an update, here’s the latest as we were looking for home insurance: Most major carriers including Allstate, Erie, State Farm and USAA DO NOT allow Pit Bulls so you would not be eligible for their policy.

    So at least take State Farm off and I’d look at others.

    • Kevin

      We just recently switched to State Farm in Missouri, and the only pet related question we were asked was if there was a dog outside during the day because they needed to come and take pictures of the house.

    • Qiana

      I have State farm in Illinois and they DO cover dogs, including Pitt Bulls. I have four and all are covered under my current homeowner’s policy.

      • Expect that to change LOL. Illinois is currently considering legislation similar to TN that will exempt people from liability. When the law goes into affect no one will be covered from dog bites in a home.

        ———————–MORE IMPORTANTLY——————–

        State Farm is a nice company, but DON’T think for a second that they cover pits Willingly. They do it because it is currently ILLEGAL to classify a dog as vicious based on breed.

        Currently Bill HB1080 will remove the following line from state law “Vicious dogs Shall not be classified in a manner that is specific as to breed.”

        So what that means is the moment that line is removed, all insurance companies can amend their policies. They will not point out this change. The updated policy will be mailed to you and there will be some restriction on Pit like dogs. They will word it very carefully to hide it.

        —————–Current IL law——————-

        “If a dog or other animal, without provocation, attacks, attempts to attack, or injures any person who is peaceably conducting himself or herself in any place where he or she may lawfully be, the owner of such dog or other animal is liable in civil damages to such person for the full amount of the injury proximately caused thereby.”

        I completely agree with the above law as written, but Illinois insurance companies are not happy with them. Below is an estimate of claims paid in 2011 by state farm.

        California 527 $20.3 million
        Illinois 309 $10.0 million
        New York 133 $6.1 million
        Texas 219 $5.1 million
        Florida 157 $5.1 million

        Sorry but your coverage is going to change the same way it did in TN. The state will change the laws and you won’t be covered.

        Additional reading

        Below is a search of laws that relate to law, things in the 97th general assembly are ones recently pass or ones waiting passage

    • JNeel77

      I just switched to State Farm for that reason. They were one of the few companies that do not have breed restrictions(In Colorado, at least). When I signed up, they never mentioned breed, only asked if the dog had a history of aggression or had ever been trained as a guard/attack dog.

    • Dana G.

      USAA does accept bully breeds, including pit bulls. The problem with USAA is that only Military Service Members and their immediate family members are elligible to use them. My Husband is active duty Army, we currently have USAA home owners insurance and we have a Bully breed.

  13. Malissa

    Process an application thru them, they do offer insurance in every state now. I live in Louisiana, and currently hold 3 policies with them. As a renter, I pay about $20 each month.

  14. Jon

    I have renters insurance through State Farm. I also rent out a half a double from my landlord. I have two pit bulls that are the most loveable dogs you can ever meet. Never bark unless you get them excited and such. They are currently living somewhere else for the time being. I rent out a half a double house. My landlord would love us to have the dogs. She called her insurance company every which way to get around her not being liable for the dogs and they claim there are no insurance companies in Pennsylvania that cover them. I hear State Farm doesn’t have a breed restriction and I have renters insurance through them? Does any one know this? What I’m asking is. I live In PA, I’m just trying to figure out how to get these dogs here and leave the landlord out of liability for them. They have never bitten anyone or attempted to attack anyone. The landlord is stuck and needs help from everyone here. She doesn’t want to see these animals in the spca where we all know they usually stay there for the reasons I’m explaining to you now. Please all the information will be helpful.

    • AMY


      • Kristi

        State Farm in Ohio definitely doesn’t cover Pit Bulls anymore. I contacted an agent today and told me “We cover all breeds except Pit Bulls”

        … how ignorant are these people?

    • Michael

      You could have the dog stuffed by a taxidermist. That way you can keep the dog and no one will be liable.

      That said most insurance companies have realized how dangerous the breed is and write the policy in such a way that won’t protect you from liablity even if you think you are.

      No home owner policy in TN will cover a dog bite of any kind. That means if you friends are over and your pit decides to bite off one of their fingers you will have to pay the bill.

      Just an FYI.. muzzles are cheap.. most vets will put your dog down for less then $50.

      • Katie

        Michael, you are very rude and quite misinformed. Do yourself a favor and do some research and educate yourself before you continue to make yourself sound like an idiot.

        • Michael

          I have studied the issue. I read actual scientific studies that showed the breeds had aggressive and unpredictable tendencies. I used to share the studies but the scientist who ran the studies removed their work. When I contacted them about it they said that they were getting hundreds of threats because of their results. I apologized and promised not to share links anymore. You might want t do some research yourself. Look for a scientific study. I once thought like you and tried to prove that it wasn’t the breeds. The more research I did the more I realized how different breeds can be when it comes to behavior. Its so obvious now but before I was clueless. Good luck in your research.

          • Katie

            Your response is too vague for me to actually respond to. I’m assuming that this “scientist” studied the dog’s propensity for human aggression. Did this study take into consideration the antecedents, behavior, and the consequences of each act individually? Did it take into consideration the dog’s history? Did it DNA each dog to actually make sure it was an APBT? Where was this “scientist’s” work published? Is it peer reviewed? What about the American Temperament Test Society’s studies that indicate that the APBT scored higher than 121 other breeds?

            By the way, under new Ohio law, pit bulls (which isn’t even an actual breed) are no longer classified as “vicious.”

            Furthermore, I don’t understand you why you would be on “Save-A-Bull.” You’re obviously looking for attention, albeit negative attention.

          • Amy

            Michael I have done research. Its called owning a pit and loving her like she is one of my kids. She has been such a blessing to our family and we all love her so much. She is not agressive and I have had her 5yrs and never had any issues with her temperment. She loves us and we love her.

        • Michael

          You are kinda all over the place there.

          Do your own google search for scientific studies, they are hard to find but they are out there. What I do is look of reliable sources that site scientific studies then look for those studies. Almost every study will reference a few others. Eventually you will find studies that tested the subject you were looking for.

          I don’t know why people bring up the “American Temperament Test Society’s studies” This is not a reputable company. Their test are not scientific. I have lengthy conversations with some of their testers on the phone and through emails.

          One email from “Thomas Szebenyi, ATTS Chief Tester” 3/19/2011

          “WE are only testing weather the dog can handle stress, then cool off when the stress is removed and then the dog should be able to handle a child approaching and trying to give it a hug. (UNDER PARENTAL SUPERVISION). We state that the data is raw data and it is NOT a scientific study.”

          “ATTS will fail a dog for unprovoked aggression, panic, and inability to recover from a stimulus. Due to indiscriminate breeding many breeds have moved away from the working dog and went to a show dog. I would guess over 50% of fails are due to fear rather than aggression.”

          “The national breed clubs provide us the acceptable behavior for that breed. We only use this to understand the dog’s reaction. For example, a good German Shepherd Dog will stand between the owner and the “friendly stranger” showing little emotion, whereas a Golden Retriever or my Siberian Husky will try to kiss the same person”

          We talked about a lot of things.

          different breeds have different expected behaviors. So a golden retriever, is hot held to the same level as a APBT.

          Half of failures are for fear not aggression.

          they don’t have any test that specifically addresses aggression.

          Dogs can be aggressive so long as the owner is able to get control of them with in 5 minutes.

          Results are not comparable between dogs or breeds. Originally the company wanted owners to use the results to identify areas where the dog needs improvements.

          Test results are adjusted to the situation, a dog with a nervous or submissive owner will have a lower threshold to failure.

          A dog being tested can actually pass if he bits the owner or tester if the tester feels it is a reasonable response.

          Again the test doesn’t test aggression, it doesn’t test unpredictable behaviors, it doesn’t any of the traits that make the “pit” breeds dangerous.

          My favorite line was in his first email response to me “I have tested several hundred American Pit Bull Terriers, even some that have bitten someone and saved it from the gallows.”

          The instructors and company have a clear agenda to try to justify aggressive behavior in dogs so that they won’t be put down.

          Look if you really want to talk about it we can. As I said I once thought it wasn’t the breed. Then I spent hundreds of hours doing research and determined that it is the breed. And when I say breed i am referring to all the breeds and mixes consider “pits” its a general term and should be treated as such.

          I think the more you talk to me the more you will realize that I know the subject matter.

          The reason why I am here is for the truth. There seems to be a strong misguided movement to convince people it is not the breed. Then people get a pit and have issues. Dogs and cats die, owners are attacked and maimed. People let the dogs into their house and their kids are attacked. The breed as a whole is a problem and it is only through the truth that we will solve the problem.

          I hope you have an open mind.

          • Katie

            I was not all over the place. You left me no room to actually understand the “study” that you were referring to.

            I’m really not going to have this conversation anymore. You will not change my mind. I will not change yours. We obviously have different experiences in our lives that led to our opinions. Statistics do not matter when you tear a family apart because the dog “could be” aggressive.

            You’re obviously entitled to your opinion. However, the comment you made above was really rude and hurtful. I’m sure not many people will listen to you when you start off saying that you should just have the dog stuffed. You need to engage the listener before “educating” them, not insult them.

          • Michelle


            You are an idiot get off this site! Pit bulls have been tested and they are loyal and loving dogs and wer considered Nanny dogs until humans started training them to fight. They dont want to fight and it is inhumane how they are trained. My red nose pit bull mix was abandoned and he is the best dog I have ever had. So let me ask you this there are people out there that kill for no reason do you think we can just say all people of a race are bad. Hum no we cannot. It is racism and you are a racist!

          • Michael

            Michelle? make up your mind. one moment you want me to leave next you want me to answer your questions..

            Eugenics is what you seem to be asking about. Dogs are far more instinctual animals then humans. Comparing the brain of a human to that of a dog, even a smart dog is silly. It would be like comparing a match to a volcano. Human brains can do adapt and learn at a level dogs can not. That said there has been a lot of studies about unexplained aggression in humans. But again, humans have an ability to change, adapt and learn that dogs simply do not have. Also it has little to do with race as in the color of skin. Pits were breed to be aggressive for thousands of years, in fact the only people still breeding this dangerous breed are those for fighting or intimidation. Pit bulls have never been Nanny dogs as you suggest there are nanny dogs out there, Akita in Asian countries, Nefies and great Pyrenees, even guldens are great with little kids. Pits have never been good with kids, its absurd to think they ever were. The earliest reference of pits being nanny dogs was in the 1970s to try to change people perception of the dogs. sadly it works well and parents get the dogs and then quickly abandon them or euthanize them when they act as breed. Its not the dogs fault, its not the owners fault its hundreds if not thousands of years of selective breeding. Every time a pit attacks it brings the whole species into questions.. Please consider putting your dog down before it attacks and bites someone, if its already bitten which is very likely it will likely get worse with age. Never leave it out where a kid might get near it. Don’t bring it to off leash areas. Honestly how many times has your dog been”playing” and someone got mad at your for having an aggressive dog? has it ever drawn blood? How many humans have been bitten? how many times did it draw blood from humans. Put the dog down and go rescue a good dog.

          • Dana G.

            Michael,I have to agree with another poster who asked why you keep posting on here. Clearly you don’t like Bully breed dogs, clearly you’ve never owned one, clearly you don’t know anything about them and clearly you don’t know how to spell. You were very vague about all the “scientific studies” and so my conclusion is that you are not intelligent, nor particularly well educated, nor well mannered. Are you really bored? Poor man, you must not have any friends, perhaps you should get a dog. Incidentally, there are about 25 distinct breeds (Dogo Argentino and Cane Corso to name 2) that are commonly confused with Pit Bulls. So when people file “Pit Bull” related incidents with the Police, they are often wrong. Therefore, the number of reported “Pit Bull” attacks is inaccurately high. You can’t tell what a dog is by what it looks like, only DNA can say for certain what a dog’s breed is. Our dog, Mathilda, is an American Bulldog/Aussie Shepherd mix (we are currently awaiting DNA results for confirmation), but people have crossed to the other side of the street when I’m walking her because they think she is a Pit Bull. She isn’t pulling on the lead because she wants to eat them, she pulls because she is impatient to meet them and wants to lick them to death. We don’t use a gentle leader either so it’s not as though she looks muzzled, and she doesn’t bark. I guess there are a lot of ignorant people out there.

          • Heather

            Hmm..I was attacked by one breed..a great Pyrenese. A friend seriously injured by a lab. Did you know dog fighters cull “man biters”? Why so few Vick dogs exhibiting aggression to people? Why did 14 or 15 states prohibit BSL when canine behaviorist experts said a breed is not inherently vicious…like humans 50 percent environment, 50 percent individual traits. And, I have many friends that work with dogs professionally..vets, trainers,and shelter workers. Biggest factors are casual dog ownership and reasons for ownership.

        • Michael

          I am really sorry to hear that.. I wish you had a more open mind. I myself am open minded and am always looking for more data. I hope you reconsider your Obtuse nature, there is a serious problem in this country with these breeds and having people ignore or deny is going to make things worse. PLEASE try to have a more open mind, if not you will never grow as a human.

          • Robin Smith-Lutz

            You need an open mind. A dog when born is a blank slate. He/she grows up just as you raise him/her. I have had German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Mastiff, and Pit Bull and have had NO aggression problems or issues just well behaved loving, loyal, faith dogs. I am 61 years old so this is over many years, long before it became fashionable to blame dogs for the problems that members of the human race created for them.

          • Michael

            I am open minded.. If you read everything I wrote I have said there is a problem with the breed as a whole not individual dogs. I also think you are flat out lying when you said you don’t have any aggression issues with your pit bull. I think you just don’t want to admit you have had aggression issues. I am certain if and when you got t dog parks or meet strange dogs your pit will be aggressive to them. Sorry they were breed for this and it is their instinct.. You can influence their behavior but it will still be their instinct. I said nothing about German Shepard or your other breeds. Sorry but different breeds act differently if you don’t believe it then you need to study a bit more and comment a bit less.

          • John

            Sadly Michael you are not very bright, the only breed/species that is inherently dangerous by nature is human beings. You really should do some research. You may say Oh another pit-bull lover so I encourage you to read up on what exactly a “pit-bull” is. The general term covers many different types of dogs that are muscular and have a square/block head. Including Mastiffs, Cane Corso, and English Staffordshire Terriers. In fact the only “true” pit-bull by nature is the American Pit-bull Terrier which was once used as a symbol of the United States Navy. I strongly urge you to research all aspects or do not comment on any aspects of these dogs. I have rescued them for seven years plus including dogs that had been taught to fight for their idiot owners. Not once have I been bit or snapped at by these breeds. I am currently in school to become a K-9 police officer and dog trainer and no K-9 officer ever blames these dogs. They blame the owners and those who have raised the dogs. The fact you are so ignorant and lacking in intelligence can be seen when you say Pit-bulls have been bred for thousands of years unless of course you are one of those that believe these breeds originated from the Molossian lines. Oh and Michael you say you have contacted people who have scientific research but promised you would not share their information? That is a farce in fact if you are using as a reliable source I urge you to check your sources. The woman that runs that site has been proven time and time again a liar and posting false information. I urge you to look up the ATTS (American Temperament test society) It shows aggression tests by breed. Scoring higher than any Pit-bull type dog is America’s family favorite the Retriever at only 85.2 percent passing, while 90% of Staffordshire Bull Terriers passed. Just food for thought from someone who has done the research before laying judgment on the breed of dogs.

          • Michael

            John I tell people all the time the a pitbull is a group of dogs. I post this all over the place. There is not “true pitbull” just like there is no “true retriever”. APBT isn’t even recognized by the AKC.

            I am sorry if you don’t understand the subject matter and as such attack me and call me “not bright”. I think anyone can tell by my post that I know a lot about the subject matter. I know about the dogs, I know about the laws, I know about dog fighting, I know about isurance and I know about the victims.

            The main thing that all pitbull have in common is that they are fighting breeds. They were bred to be violent. A lab among other things was bred to retrieve. As such they retrieve. Pits were bred to fight, kill and die. They are a disposable dog that did not need to be intelligent, loyal or even protective. A pitbull is far more likely to attack and kill its owner then it is to act in a way to protect the dog. They are one of the least trainable breeds and only act in their own interest. if they come it is because they want attention from you.

            Because they are so dangerous even the US military refuse to use them in combat and has banned them from Military bases. (Mr Stubby’s was not a Pit Bull or a pit mix, he was a Boston terrier mix).

            Sadly pitbull very in size and shape and all most all pit dogs are mixes of other dogs. It is all but impossible to keep accurate stats on these dogs but every attempt to do so has shown that they are 30x more likely to cause serious harm then an average dog.

            As such insurance agencies across the US will decline and or cancel coverage if a pit bull even visits a home. Some states have passed laws against breed restriction and as such insurance rates in those states have sky rocked and many carriers will not write new policies.

            Many states like TN have written laws that state an owner and thus the insurance company are not responsible for residential dog attacks.

            Pitbull are with out a doubt monsters. There is no safe pitbull and even the best raised pitbull will want to attack and will cause serious harm. 25% of all pits alive today will be put down in a shelter or vet office. an estimated 90% of pits are put down before the age of 8 by their owner after an incident or because they are abandoned and not adopted.

            Kind people adopt the dogs and think they are safe because the dog appears to be friendly. Sadly they confuse a dogs desire for attention as affection. When confronted these monsters will rarely back away and will prefer to fight to the death when ever possible.

            I am sorry you are so ignorant on the subject matter. No dog or person is safe around a pit, and statistically almost all pits will attack a pet or person in their life. The owner will often say that the dog was “never aggressive” before and that they could not get their dogs to stop. They mistake the attack as aggression, science has shown that the pits institutionally enjoy fighting and it is play for them. They also determined that while fighting hormones in the dogs do not allow them to feel pain or know they are mortally wounded. There are many stories of faces, and legs being ripped off of pits and they will continue to fight. Often while fighting bulls these breeds will be struck and have organs dragging on the ground while spectators cheered. Anyone who chooses to own a pit is uninformed about the breed and a treat to the public. The only people who understand the breed and still own it are dog fighters, as that is what the dogs were designed for.

          • Jessica

            The fact that you say you are “open minded” just affirms the fact that you are not. If you were truly open minded, you would try OWNING a Pitbull before siding with your “research”.

          • Nancy


            Are you actually a scientist with any background in research and interpretation of data? I am. I have to say you appear to be doing much more of a cut and paste job from sites like rather than offering up any peer reviewed studies or empirical evidence. So as we say in my lab, s**t or get off the pot. Offer up links to your “research” sites or stop boring everyone with big words and no substance.

        • Rochelle

          Actually Michael, you are incorrect.

          I own a pitbull. Her first instinct when she meets a new dog is to sniff them, and either run away or roll on her back submissively.

          I have another pitbull. Her first instinct is to sniff, then nip lightly at the dogs cheek – then, after a second, usually runs off playing if she doesnt end up in a submissive pose.

          The “nipping” is this aggression? While I do agreed there are breed traits in every breed… every dog has aggressive issues if you want to get technical. Pitbulls were bred to hunt, not fight.

          German Shepard were used for dog fighting at one time, so were dobermans and rotties ~ were they also bred with aggression issues? I do have an open mind, however I rarely base my facts on statistics but rather one experience. I grew up with an American Bulldog ~ 80lb moose, and he let me roll over him with no issue. ABD is not an APBT.

          However, “Pitbull” is more or less a reference to every single bullybreed smashed together now a days, considering half of them could “look” like one people mistake it, so how can you tell what is what? Technically, APBT isnt even a breed that is recognized by the AKC because of the mixed it is.

          I’ve been bitten by plenty of dogs ( I work in dog rescue ) from Chows, to Chi’s, to Doxens, to Labs and so on and so forth; I can honestly say I have been bitten by a APBT ~ however this bite was not unprovoked, so am I to blame it for my own stupidity? Please, tell me!

      • Shannon

        Michael is obviously an ignorant person. The breed is not the problem…any dog can bite. If treated properly and trained, this breed is an amazing companion.

        I have had many pitbulls and they are wonderful loving animals. This person, whom I would suspect, doesn’t like any dogs has no idea what he is talking about.

        Perhaps we should put Michael down for something he ‘might’ do someday?? Sounds like a good idea to me!

  15. I volunteer with a local Pit Bull Rescue and insurance is a big issue we come across for reasons people can’t adopt or foster. The list above is great! Einhorn is actually the insurance company that I went with. They are now available in all 50 states! The quotes were cheap, and worth it. As a renter, I paid $200 per dog for a 12 month policy. I am now a home owner and I transferred my policy with them. I added coverage to include all 3 of my dogs (Boxer, American Bull Dog, Blue Pit Bull) and each month I pay $180. It was a jump for cost, however, its part of being a responsible owner. At any time, my dogs are covered. Even when it comes to ignorant people, which is where I know this policy will be used, not due to any action of my dog! Also, Canine Good Citizen is important to have when approaching any insurance company. Any local rescue can refer you to a dog trainer that is certified to give the test. You can google it, and see the test to be able to work with your dog so they can pass it!

    • Lydia Arnold

      thank you so much for that…we got our first pitty pup on friday and the lady behind us (we call her elmyra gulch from the wizard of oz) is such a pain…i will give that company a try. even though it has only been 6 days, shooter has made me so happpy i cant even think about getting rid of him…your review has just made my day!

    • melissa

      The only Einhorn Insurance that i am able to find is in California. Do you have a website for another Einhorn?

    • Michael

      Be careful about giving out false information.. For example states like Ohio dangerous breeds, mostly pits, are not covered under any insurance. That means they will sell you a policy even if you have a pit. They will even tell you it covers dog bites, but if you read the policy you are fully liable for your pit when he attacks someone.

      The state of TN is unique in that breed classification was so confusing they flat out don’t cover dog bites at all. That means if you are in TN and your are bitten, no homeowners insurance will cover it. So the owner of the dog is 100% liable for all damages.

  16. Jessica

    Do not ask Met Life about pit coverage/insurance. They will drop you. All I did was call to inquire if they covered and they sent our policy to underwriting.

    • Brianna Reed

      I have a question. If i am renting and the landlord says no pitbulls allowed, and i have my own renters insurance do they have to allow my pitbull?

      • Donna


        Even though you have insurance its still up to the homeowner if they are willing to allow you to live there or not.

  17. kelly

    I have a APBT puppy and my current employeer wants me to bring him to work with me. He’s even willing to put my puppy on the insurance coverage however i need to find a company that will cover a commerical auto repair business in NH that will also cover a pit bull. any ideas? Farmers doesnt cover NH and state farm doesnt do auto repair commerical insurance. any help would be great!

  18. Tasha

    Anyone in Ohio can contact FARMERS. They will cover the dog. You will have to get an auto policy and umbrella it with your home (renters also). They will cover your car, home and dog with a policy worth up to 3 million dollars for around $100 a month!

    • Michael

      This is true, except if your dog is a “dangerous breed”.. All pit type dogs are dangerous breeds in Ohio.. Tasha read your policy you are not covered if your pit bites someone and you will be 100% liable for the damages.

      • Jen

        Michael –
        Do you have anything else to say other than the below?
        “This is true, except if your dog is a “dangerous breed”.. All pit type dogs are dangerous breeds in Ohio.. Tasha read your policy you are not covered if your pit bites someone and you will be 100% liable for the damages.”
        I do believe someone else stated a new law was passed in Ohio recently stating that the generic breed of pit bull was removed from the vicious dog breed list. Since you are so open minded and open to researching it, why don’t you google it so you can see that this is true? Or you can just visit the link I found by googling the same.

        Ohio removes pit bulls from ‘vicious’ dogs list
        Ohio state law labeled specific breeds, such as pit bulls, as ‘vicious.’ Now the law defines a dangerous dog based on behavior not breed.

        By Associated Press / May 22, 2012

        Hmm, it would appear that your information is a little outdated there.

        And what is your basis for stating such regarding Ohio and Tennessee and what policies will or won’t cover? Are you an insurance expert in these two states? Have you read every policy written by various insurance companies to confirm this is fact? Or do you just enjoy trolling around on this site (a year later mind you) to comment on the same issue over and over and over again?

        • Michael

          Forgive me, I heard about the change but I thought a petition drive killed it. It makes me sick to my stomach that Kasich could be so stupid, i actually worked on his k2k campaign.. That’s fucked up.. I am totally going to call his staff and tear into them for being so stupid. Ohio was years ahead on this issue. I am sure most people will still treat the breed as dangerous and I am sure all the wardens will do as they always have.

          As for you Tennessee comments

          44-8-413. Civil liability for injury caused by dogs.

          (c) (1) If a dog causes damage to a person while the person is on residential, farm or other noncommercial property, and the dog’s owner is the owner of the property, or is on the property by permission of the owner or as a lawful tenant or lessee, in any civil action based upon such damages brought against the owner of the dog, the claimant shall be required to establish that the dog’s owner knew or should have known of the dog’s dangerous propensities.

          (2) The element of proof required by subdivision (c)(1) shall be in addition to any other elements the claimant may be required to prove in order to establish a claim under the prevailing Tennessee law of premises liability or comparative fault.


          When that law when into effect it absolved all Insurance companies liability for home owners. As If the home owner knows or should of known the dog is dangerous it not covered by insurance.

          Also proving that an owner knew or should of known the dog was dangerous is all but impossible to prove in a court of law. So winning a personal lawsuit against the owner would be fruitless at best and most likely a waste of time and money.

          If you disagree by all means call and insurance company and ask them.

  19. Theresa Maida

    We have had the honor of sharing our lives over the past 15 years with pitties & through all have had State Farm as our Home Owners Insurance Provider. In those 15 years we have insured 3 different residences & not once did they question anything about the particular breeds of dogs that we owned. Out of curiosity after reading this article I phoned my State Farm agent here in PA & she told me that it did not matter what breed of dog we owned, State Farm would insure pitties. Perhaps calling corporate is in order if anyone is refused to find out why.

    • Sunshine

      It depends on each state. No insurance company has the same underwriting guidelines for all 50 states. So an insurance company that will take pit bulls in PA, may not take them in WV, or any other state. Call around and take your free internet advice with a grain of salt.

  20. Netta

    I have a question. I recently changed my insurance company (less than 30 days ago). Is it possible to get coverage on my dog only? I really like my insurance company and really would like to keep them if there is an option. Recently we had a irresponsible pitbull owner who allowed their dog to run free in the neighborhood and as a result the dog injured another dog. Im fighting to get the dog ordinance changed in my municipality but am having trouble finding an insurer. Can i get insurance on my pet only?

    • Christy

      I have never heard of that but there maybe such a thing. I do know there is personal liability insurance tho, might look into that. It covers you, but alot of them extend to dogs and such. Like if you burn someones house down, they will pay for it, so if your dog bites someone, I think they will pay for it. But it may not cover dogs, and if it does there could be restrictions on that too. Worth looking into.

      • Christy

        I know good insurance is important, but if you can, you really should try and change your entire insurance tho because you should not support a company that does not cover your dog. And if you do change insurance providers, you need to tell them why you are dropping them too.

  21. Monica

    I contacted Einhorn insurance company today to find renters insurance for a potential property and my 3 year old pit bull. Within 10 minutes someone replied to my email inquiring about where we are located and got me hooked up with a lady in the same state who is helping us find a company to insure with. They’re awesome and very prompt, I would recommend them to anyone looking to get coverage for their pets 😉 thanks Einhorn.
    * Monica & Karma

    • Chris

      Thanks for the info, Monica. I’ll call tomorrow. I don’t know why part of my post from yesterday was removed. I had a link to another agency that offers insurance at reasonable rates. That part of my post was removed; I wish I knew why. If the moderator would email me and let me know, I’d appreciate it.

      I also heard that The Hartford has begun offering liability insurance for bully breeds, as of March 2011. There are restrictions, and the dog must be registered with the AKC (so no shelter dogs would qualify). Of course, there’s Lester Kalmanson, but $$$$$$$$$.

  22. Chris

    I have Amica (in RI) and like others who have posted, I was told they would not have even written me a policy if they knew I had a pit. I do not currently have one but I am trying to adopt one from a local shelter.

  23. Bleu

    I have a pitbull and I need renters insurance that covers her. I cannot believe all the bullshit I had to go thru just to keep her! Its coming down to the point where its either her, or a roof over my head. The LAST thing I would ever do is give my dog up, because I see all the crap that happens to pitbulls whenever they go to shelters and what not. Its completely unfair to these poor animals. Just because their strong that means there dangerous! You hear about Golden Retrievers bitting more people, or even chiuwawa’s. No dog is born to be killers, you have to train them to be. Pitbulls aren’t born to be vicious. I see all these cop shows and how they have German Shepherds, these dogs are basically the same as pitbulls but cops use them to threaten people. Their training them to go after people, but its for the law. I have a innocent pitbull but I can’t get insurance for her? I don’t understand this! Not to mention my mother-in-law is disabled and she possibly has a few years left to live and neeeeeds to have something that cheers her up. Her doctor already said that the dog is perfect for her to have, but we stillll neeeedddd INSURANCE! So with that being said, can anyone help me find renters insurance for seattle? Apparently it takes a country to insure a 1 pitbull.

    • Elise

      does state farm operate out there? i would still recommend anyone trying them. you have to go above the head of anyone that tells you state farm will not cover pit bulls because apparently that is absolutely FALSE. don’t let an agent or operator in their call center tell you that. go above them and talk to an underwriter or a supervisor.

      • Christy

        I have renters insurance thru farmers that covers pits, it has no breed restrictions. ironically, only for renters, they have restrictions for homeowners policies. according to my agent and underwriter, anyway. but i am in the memphis tn area, i don’t know if you will garner the same information in seattle, but it is worth a try.

      • scott

        i tried my state farm agent and talked to an underwriter at corporate and got te same answer. does not cover them

        • Theresa Maida

          See now that kills me. I have State Farm and have three pitties right now & am covered, have been for over 15 years. I think it is ridiculous that it depends on who you talk to!!!

          • Christy

            yes, it is wierd how some of you say they cover your pits. it doesnt make any sense. i know my first insurance was with safeco and they never once questioned my dog ownership nor told me they had restrictions, but when I asked them the specific question of if I am covered with my pit, they said no. I know I called every number I could find: online, corporate, local, whatever; for state farm (and some other insurance companies that people on here have said covered them), and they all told me no, never. And then I found my coverage with farmers, but it is renters. and we are about to buy our house that we are renting right now until we can sell our first house, so I am still looking for some homeowners insurance that will cover my beautiful boy chuck norris. oddly enough even farmers only covers them with their renters policy, not with their homeowners, at least according to my agent and the underwriter we spoke with when setting me all up.

          • Tammy

            How much does it cost to insure your pit bulls??? I am having to get renters insurance on mine and need an esitmate

    • This is always an open, ongoing, discussion on who is pit bull “friendly” or not.

      I will just say that we’ve had State Farm homeowners insurance in Texas, New Jersey, and now Alabama. Based on some things I recently read/heard I reconfirmed with my local agent that we are covered and the issue was not what dogs we had but what options do we want for coverage (sorta-like good, better, best).

      When we moved to New Jersey we had our initial local agent say they could not insure pit bulls. We contacted corporate and they were quick to support us and ask who told us that (like someone needed to be reprimanded). We got our insurance.

      Lesson learned – don’t always think your local agent knows the company policy.

      Anyway, all that said, there are companies that will insure you. Shop around.

      Bama Griz

  24. Christy

    I agree wholeheartedly. we need to start an aggressive facebook page/campaign. Or do something that wakes people up and shines some light on the matter. It is a freaking dog, like the insurance companies arent rich enough. I am going to start selling something, like a lance armstrong yellow braclet, that raises money to lobby in washington, and lobby for some real change. or do whatever it is that needs to be done, higher that expensive lawyer. And while we are at it have police be (required to) trained how to handle encounters with dogs outside of pulling the trigger.

    • steve

      I agree Christy. We need some REAL CHANGES FOR THIS DYING BREED. I would buy many braclets from you and go to Washington with you. I wish I knew were to start or how to proceed. It seems that people I talk too have sympathy for the breed but no one wants to help them. I have written to my mayor and my representative about some laws here, but no one wants to hear it. With the ecomony being so bad, it makes our cause all the less important to them. I was married the 1st time to a police officer and I agree with you on that matter also. They are trigger happy. I have an alarm system in my house, and the alarm guy told me I didn’t need it, I had a weapon called a pitbull. I was furious at him for saying that. I put in the alarm system to protect my pitbull. Please visit sonar at

      • Christy

        i have seen sonars weebly page before. is that you?

      • Scott

        I had a pit bull who never fought with the other dogs, or anyone or anything. She’d let squirrels run right over her. She might lick you. She would bark but she wasn’t a guard dog or aggressive in the slightest.

        These breed-specific laws are the fault of one thing, and one thing only – the media. TV, radio and newspapers love sensationalism, and they’ve picked on this breed for no reason.

  25. Steve

    I have another thought. I give to all the animals organizations like the HUMANE SOCIETY and the ASPCA. So they save the PIT BULLS from dog fighting,then since NO ONE can get home owners insurance because of their reputations, all these dogs go to the kennels and are evidently put down because NO ONE is adopting them because of all the shit you have to go through to own one. What are these organizations doing to help with the laws to HELP PIT BULL OWNERS and owners of other “BULLY BREEDS” to get home owners insurance. Don’t they relize what’s going on with these insurance companies.

    • Christy

      yes. and in some shelters, if a dog is known to have any pit in ’em, they can not adopt them out. the dogs only chance is that a rescue group will come along and grab him up. then i think the rescue group might can adopt them out. at least i encountered that. i fostered a dog, for a local rescue group. she had some pit in her, and the shelter i picked her up from told me they had to work with rescues on dogs like her, pits, because they were not allowed to adopt them out to the public. i dont know if it was an insurance thing, or a city ordinance, or a state thing.

      • There is also the problem of unsavory types pulling dogs for illicit purposes. Shelters cannot be too careful about to whom they give these Pibbles.

  26. Steve

    As I said earlier, my husband and I have been going through hell to get new insurance since State Farm dropped us because of the theraph dog part. I called Michelle M Leduc at 401-421-0100 and THE RHODE ISLAND JOINT REINSURANCE ASSOCIATION did quote us. It is a very high quote as this is a high risk insurance but we love are dog and I could NEVER GIVE HIM UP!!! I was very honest with Michelle about the breed but we are going to have to drop the therapy part. WHAT A SHAME THAT IS. Sonar loves the people at the Bistol Soldiers home (my husband and I are both vets and my husband’s brother died in Iraq) and the nursing home. This insurance company is only hurting these wonderful people who fought for our country and the older people that Sonar brought joy to!! I wish I was rich and could hire a lawyer to fight these laws and insurance companies. You pay and pay and pay and these insurance companies get away with murder. We are also calling FARM FAMILY at 1-800-813-4134. I heard they have no breed restrictions. The web site in RI is
    The Providence Animal Rescue League in RI told me they have no breed restrictions. I pray they don’t.

    • Ms Kynna

      gurl yes i feel you cus im going through the same thing since i canceled my insurance with state farm and now its hard to find a agency to accept a pitt-bull that is some crap

  27. Christy

    I think state farm forgot to tell the Memphis office/agents, they don’t have dog breed restrictions lol

  28. Steve

    My husband and I have a wonderful pitbull that is also a therapy dog. He’s 2 1/2 years old and has passed his Good Canine and the test for the therapy dog thru Therapy Dog International. This organization insurances all therapy dogs for $1m in liability insurance when the dog is working as a therapy dog. We have State Farm and they have now dropped my husband and I home owners insurance due to the dog being a therapy dog. We are responsible dog owners. We have had are pit bull in odebience school for 2 years now. The dog has received his good canine and passed the test for a therapy dog, but nothing is good enough for these insurance companies when it comes to these dogs. This is a dying breed, pit bulls and no one cares. The one question I would ask to everyone who hates the breed is, “Who is the animal, the dog that fights in the pit for its very life or the HUMAN that throws the pit bull into that pit and forces that dog to either fight for its life or die. These dogs don’t have that choice not to fight when their owners force them to do this or DIE!!!!!

    • barbara kloppenburg

      I absolutely agree!!! The hoods get away with their cash and leave these sensitive dogs with multiple injuries or a horrid death!
      What happened to Pete (little rascals or the “nanny dogs”. It is the degenerate humans that do the damage which perpetuates this stigma!

  29. Ellen

    I contacted USAA and they do not discriminate based on dog breed.

  30. John C

    Home Owner’s insurance is very localized. I live in Vegas, Pits do not have a very good rep here. Had a lot of trouble finding ins.. Farmers Ins, The broker came out and met our pit and no problems. we are bundling for even better rates

  31. sheila matthews

    does anyone a good pit bull insurance place in columbus.

  32. Christy

    I just called state farm and farmers insurance and neither company covers pit bulls.
    And both companies have a variety of dog breed restrictions.

  33. Elise

    AMICA! no restrictions on breeds. and they are fabulous.

    • Christy

      Ok I am trying to find insurance myself. And I tried all of these places you guys are saying. I literally just hung up with AMICA. They said they won’t even write a policy for you if you own a pitbull even if you include an exlcussion for the dog.
      I want a policy that ligitamately covers pits.

      • Elise

        I don’t understand that at all. I’ve had Amica for 6 years now and they never even asked me about a dog and they are always listed as being pit bull friendly. If you want to try this State Farm agent, she works with a pit bull rescue here in Atlanta and says she can insure anyone with state farm if they have a pit bull.

        • Christy

          Well I am in Memphis but I could see what she knows. Are you sure they know you have a bully breed. Maybe I just got a crazy lady. I just went to Amica’s website and dialed the 800-242-6422 number they had listed to get a quote. She said they have not written a policy to include pits in her 20 years with the company. If she is just crazy I need to call their corporate office like the person above said. Even though I think I found a policy for now. Thanks.

          • Elise

            Well, good luck and if you find a policy with another company not named here please post it. i’m considering switching from amica anyway because my rates are apparently pretty high based on what a few people have told me. i might be trying the state farm agent myself pretty soon! i don’t want to give business to a company that breed discriminates anyway.

          • Steve

            Please look up

            The Providence Animal Rescue League told me they have no breed restrictions.

          • Alisha

            Hey there what is the policy you found for your pitbull? I am moving to rhode island and I need to find something for my pitbull because i dont want to get rid of her or put her to sleep

          • Jaime

            I just called the 800# for them and they said they can but an inspector will have to do a “Meet and Greet” with the dog to make sure they are not aggressive.

  34. Meagan Poiner

    Do not bother with State Farm. They will quote you online, but will not follow through. You will get an email saying that “Due to the pitbull in your home, we cannot insure you.”

    • Bama Griz

      We’ve had State Farm for years. When we moved to NJ the local agent said they could not insure us because of our “pit bulls”. We contacted corporate and they said they had no such policy. We got our homeowners insurance. Don’t stop with the local agent or an on-line response. Sometimes they just assume things.

  35. Elise

    Amica Insurance does not breed discriminate and they are great!! Rated #1 consistently by Consumer Reports annually.

    • kathy baccus

      yes they did Amica would not insure my daughter’s puppies pit/hound mix 14 weeks old. So they are not worth a CRAP

  36. Steve

    I recently attempted to liscence my pitbull in Providence, RI. The Prov. Animal Shelter gasve me nothing but grief. I finially had my State Farm rep. speak with the supervisor to explain that their policy covers ALL PETS. Providence requires Pitbull specific policies. Since my pitbull is my PET, he was therefore covered. 3 hours later I finially had my liscence……….. What a drag, and pits are $20 not $5 like all other breeds in Prov.

  37. Marquee

    Geico just insured my pit bull for renters insurance $100,000 liability, no breed restrictions less that $150 per year.

  38. timothyj

    I live in iowa and I talked to a farmer person and they said its really up to the person you talk to on the phone if they want to insure your pit bull and that on your policy.

  39. barbara kloppenburg

    there will always be prejudice about issues that people simply don’t want to learn fact versus vision. humans and animals have experienced numerous acts of cruelty, harm and yes – death. whether it was religion, skin color, class status it often creates fear.

    long story short – read up on the “nanny dogs” – yes remember pete the pit bull from the “little rascals”- hhhm – protectorates of children. ignorance is a bliss – PLEASE inform yourselves with the fact versus fiction.

  40. Jill

    Barb – State Farm may have different restrictions for different states and if you’re an existing customer you may be grandfathered in. It might be that new policyholders are subject to dog restrictions.

    That being said, I encourage everyone to read their policies. You may be surprised at what is or is not covered.

  41. barbara kloppenburg

    The following insurance companies state they have pit bull insurance (as best as i understand the information i read):
    1- State Farm ( (per Megan’s comment- it looks like State Farm is not an option for members of the “bully breed”.
    2- Farmers Insureance Group
    3- United States AA (
    4- Nationwide – w/ pit bulls who hav CGC (Good Canine Citizen) certification( Note the CGC is a class that runs about 5-8 weeks (depends on trainor).

    Please comment on updates/changes to inform others with any restrictions so we can make changes as needed.

    CA- Sunny SoCal Insurance Service
    Lester Kalmanson Agency (service area????)
    CA – Evolution Insurance brokers

  42. admin

    Thanks Megan for letting me know about State Farm – the list just keeps on shrinking… If anyone knows of any pit bull and “dangerous dog” friendly insurance agencies please submit a comment or contact me – hopefully we can add some others to the list!!

  43. Megan

    And for the record…I don’t agree with it. I belive all dogs can be good if trained to be. A friend of mine has a pitbull mix and she is one of the best dogs ever. I just do what I’m told…

  44. Megan

    Just an FYI…I work for State Farm and we are NOT pitbull friendly. If you have a pitbull and we don’t write an exclusion on your homeowners policy and the dog bites someone, you could be cancelled. You might want to change that….

  45. Damian

    This has helped myself and my wife get insurance for our 2 pitbulls. Before we had insurance we could not find a suitable apartment to rent….with insurance it was much much easier.

  46. Ben

    State Farm now discriminates against certain breeds including Pitbulls. I’d remove them from the shrinking list…

  47. cream

    Well I have a two yr red nose pit he is a part of my family so spoiled he plays with the small and bigger dogs my neighbors have no problem with him. He barely barks people don’t even know when he is in the house except for his crying. Well cream decided to go and visit the dog behind my house which he does and the dog come to visit him. I was on the phone and took my eye off him and he went to play well the dog catchers caught him. So now he has a chip and I live in Ohio and yes Geico wouldn’t cover me. I would like to just get the cheapest payment possible of cream he has never shown any aggression the neighbors even went to look for him when I couldn’t find him. Looking for insurance before I go to court the end of the month homeowners. Ilove my dog and yes does he have to pay for being born a pit. Please help Insurance needed.

  48. jessica

    I have a 4 year old female pittbull. she is fixed has ever bitten anyone. We moved into a house that we rent a year and a half ago. We signed a lease and the landlord knew that we had a dog. recently an insurance company came by to look a the house. The landlord then called us and said that the insurance company will not insure his properties if there is a pittbull present and said we had to get rid of her. Someone help, I know this cannot be right. we signed a lease that stated we could have a dog and didn’t specify any breeds. what can I do?? I cannot get rid of my dog!!!!

  49. mandit

    I am an insurance agent and I checked with Kemper, who is on this website’s short list of companies that do not have breed resrictions. Pit Bull is on their list of unacceptable breeds, which means they will decline coverage (atleast in Texas) if you own one. I am also a proud owner of a sweeheart of a dog who is a Pit Bull. I only hope that one day this breed will be treated like the kind, loving pets that they are. Too many people have incorrect notions about these dogs.

  50. Chasity

    Well I’ve contacted Progressive, Liberty Mutual, State Farm and Farmers insurance. So far Liberty Mutual is the cheapest one @ $59.58/mo.. They did ask about dogs and what breed they were and if they had ever bittin anyone.. Mind you the quote I got was for Home Owners Insurance.. State Farm offers Renters Insurance as well. My quote on that was $173/ yr, so it broke down to only $14 and some change a month. State farm will ask about the dogs and breed, the quote I got was with 2 pit bulls!!

  51. Chasity

    In the 8 yrs that I have owned pits, I have to say I have never really had any trouble. None have ever bit anyone. Right now I own a male red nose brindle (about 11 months old) and a Philly red nose female ( a little over 2 yrs old). I have had the female since she was 6 weeks old and she has never bitten anyone or harmed another animal. She is very submissive to animals and humans. She runs from our friends 20lb cat!! The male is a rescue dog and I’ve had him for about 3 months. Before I brought him into my home he was at an animal shelter for about a yr and then was taken to K9 training where he was kept for 2 months and trained. He was then going to be taken back to the shelter, but we were told they had no room for him so he would be “put down”.. I couldn’t allow this to happen. He’s such a great dog and deserved to have a great life! Coming from the animal shelter, he is “fixed” and micro chipped. I have 3 children that are 11, 9 and 8. Both dogs are very loving to my children and are very gentle. I have had a few family members who freaked out when they found out about the dogs, but have since changed their whole out look on the breed, because they see that it isn’t the breed, it’s how you raise them and train them. I myself was scared of the breed until I owned one myself. I will never again own any other type of dog. Now, however I am looking into buying a house on contract. At first I was told I couldn’t have the dogs, when I was about to tell them to take the house and shove it, I got a phone call and was told I could have them as long as I got renters insurance that would cover them. So here I am. I live in IN, so gettin the insureance should be a real fun ride. I plan on calling State Farm and Farmers today to see what I am told. I will make sure I let everyone know the outcome!!

  52. Pete G

    In reading this I have come to the conclusion that this country is absolutely doomed by stupidity starting with electing an illegal alien to President down to the whole truth of where the stupidity lies.
    He would not be there if the majority of the voters had an IQ over 25.
    Highly exemplified by the stupidity of the Execs who are so much smarter than those of us who pay their inflated salary’s “and egos” is the Geralodo Reveia attitude that people who keep Pitt Bulls in their homes are crazy as those who keep guns.
    I must be more dangerous than the Uni bomber as I have a very loving Pitt Bull and I sleep with a gun. I’m never without the gun and never without the Pitt Bull when I’m home.
    The gun is to protect me, my wife and the Pitt Bull from idiots.
    The Pitt Bull is here for the same reason you have children. Well maybe the Pitt Bull makes more sense than the brat!
    Brats do property damage and hurt people at a rate much higher than any dog.
    Do I get penalized for a brat? Am I treated like a criminal for a brat, “if I were stupid enough to inflict life upon one” in this insane society we have become? No! Then to top it off I live over 1000 ft from anyone in any direction.
    I have purposely allowed the area to grow up into a vine, “incorrectly called a brier” to the point no kid/brat can’t walk in here.
    Our neighborhood brats have the common sense city brats most likely will live without for life. They know better than to try to go through all those thorny vines.
    So now since the world is full of people who want to inflict themselves and their neighbors with brats I have to carry extra insurance because I don’t have a brat proof fence.
    I have to pay extra because I have an open area Hot Tub, “no pool” but it’s large enough a brat could drown in it so extra.
    I took my Pitt Bull to my father in laws place and let her roam as she does here because she will protect you from biting dogs and attacking people even if she does not know you.
    Therefore I feel she is safe and the neighbors do also.
    Unfortunately there is really no way to fence a live creek to keep brats from drowning so my father in law pays more for not having the fence.
    As luck would have it one of the neighbors, “lives about 500 ft from Father in law” had visitors from the city.
    His brat fell from the end of a pier into water about 7 ft deep. The brat, “9 years old” as city brats go of course couldn’t swim.
    My Pitt Bull went off the end of the pier before I could even get within 50 ft of the land end of the pier.
    She took him by his arm just below the shoulder and dragged him some 75 to 85 ft along side the pier to water approximately 2 to 3 ft where the kid got up and walked out screaming.
    His Mama came running over and notice the skin was broken in several places from tooth marks.
    My wife a Registered Nurse of over 30 years experience tended to the scratches and yes there were puncture wounds through the skin but not deep into any flesh.
    She cleaned the scratches and tended to them as required. The brat needed no other medical attention but it has been reported that he was taken to an emergency room, “stupid jerks” and proclaimed unharmed.
    About the time the Mother was inspecting the brat’s scratches, all the while the brat was proclaiming he was bitten by that dog, the father with no more info than that went to his Pick UP and got his shot gun.
    His remarks that “SOB ain’t gona ever bite anyone else in this life time!”
    In spite of the neighbor he was visiting and my protests he swung the gun up and was training on my Pitt. At that time I went ballistic.
    I carry a 9mm pistol at all times. Yes it is legal on two fronts. One by law I can carry it on my property and yours unless you post signs or verbally forbid it where I live. I also have a “2nd amendment violation required license to carry.” Yes requiring a license is a 2nd amendment violation but I have it anyway.
    I instantly pulled my 9mm, “Dammit I hate that but sometimes it is necessary” and put the muzzle about 2 inches below his left ear.
    I quietly said, “you shoot and I shoot, Do you understand?”
    He insisted that he needed to get rid of that dangerous dog! I told him, “you do and I’ll get rid of you, as you are stupid enough to be much more dangerous than the dog!”
    I made him put the shot gun down then I took it removed the rounds, threw them onto private property and gave the gun back to him. I warned him not to go for the rounds as he would be trespassing.
    Later I was sued by this idiot for his brat being attacked.
    What I didn’t know when all the action was going on was a neighborhood kid in a wheel chair was setting on the back porch facing the creek.
    He was playing with his bright shiny new Digital Camcorder.
    Before the suit the neighbor kid’s parents talked with my Father In Law and gave him a DVD which she said he might find interesting.
    The kid had made a video recording of the whole thing, “even from the point the brat fell off the end of the pier” including my wife attending to the brat and then while that was going on he switched to the drama of the guns.
    Upon the suit notice when I told my Father In Law he said I might want to look at this DVD.
    I did, I copied it and went to court.
    After all his testimony and his lawyer’s input, “another city idiot” they were ready to hang me out to dry and to euthanize the dog.
    I then asked the judge if I could present evidence that just came in. She asked me why I didn’t do it in the beginning and I stated I wanted these idiots to prove their stupidity before absolute proof of it.
    I know they would not stand lie like that if they knew they had no chance.
    After viewing the DVD in her private chambers she told the Idiot Father she thinks the DVD will vindicate the dog and asked if he wanted to drop charges, change any of his statements or would he like the jury to see the DVD.
    He being the Idiot he is, “shouldn’t be contributing DNA to the population in my opinion” said without knowing what is on the DVD he retracts nothing and yes let the jury see it.
    Needless to say the jury was ready to throw the bum out the third floor window.
    He has since issued personal threats etc.
    I live outside any city with only one access to my property down a 900 ft + gravel drive way through deep woods that I keep where you can’t walk except the driveway. So I told him to drop by anytime.
    He had to pay his attorney, court costs etc.
    He says all people who keep Pitt Bulls should be jailed and fined.
    How stupid can a human being be and still manage to breath unassisted?
    Oh the judge, “in private” asked me if I would have shot him. I answered, “would you shoot if someone killed your child?” She said, “absolutely!”
    I told her I chose not to have brats, I chose to have the dog and she is my kid. You figure it out. She said, “I think he is lucky to be alive!”

    • Sunshine

      Great story! Almost as believable as some of the ones in Penthouse Forum. Please have a literate person proofread before you post next time.

  53. JT

    Sent this to Century-National insurance company yesterday:

    In regards to the presence of a purebred Red Nose American Pit Bull Terrier on the premises of XXXX, Morongo Valley, CA and the demand that said dog be permanently removed.

    1) The animal in question is a search and rescue dog. I have been with the Palm Springs Mounted Police Search and Rescue for fifteen years. Removing this dog from my residence will significantly interfere with continued training. It is my considered opinion the separation will make it impossible to continue that training.

    2) I have renter’s insurance that covers liability for any dog bites.

    3) I see no reason for duplicate coverage on the part of the owner in regards to personal liability for MY dog. If it was his dog, I could understand – and it would not be my problem.

    4) Under duress, I will “permanently remove” the aforementioned dog from XXX, effective 4 June 2010.

    5) If there is a delay, or a bad outcome, in finding lost or injured hiker(s) due to lack of a search dog, you can be sure that I will provide the family members with contact information for your company and the specifics of why the dog’s training was terminated.

    6) It is my most sincere hope that some future date will bring me the opportunity to express the full extent of my ire to any and all individuals involved in creating or enforcing this hateful and ignorant policy that is based on breed rather than individual behavior.

    7) In the mean time, you may rest assured that word of your company’s discriminatory and wrong-headed policy will be spread far and wide among the SAR community.

    8) If you happen to get lost in our desert or mountains, may you die an extremely painful and prolonged death because this search and rescue canine is no longer working to save human life.

    9) I doubt that such a day of reckoning will come, but I am confident that Hell holds a special place for any low-life miserable excuse for a human being that would have any part in creating or enforcing this arbitrary and capricious policy, which truly is based on stupidity and small–minded conceit.

    With loathing, contempt and hatred for any bureaucrat with a heart so cold and a spirit so mean as to carry out this inhumane anti-dog policy,

  54. Tom

    State Farm in northern Nevada ask about bite history rather than breed; they didn’t ask about obedience classes or K9 good citizen.

  55. Jennifer

    Does State Farm require a pitbull to have completed obedience classes or get a good K9 certficate before they insure them?

  56. Mallory

    i have a pittbull who is 13months old hes is the sweetest boy . and is so good with my children has not bite them or anyone he is no aggressive in any nature . he is verywell behaved . and veryplayful and loving. were having a hard time finding a place to live that aceepts pittbulls in florida . please help me if you know any where in florida thats accepts his breed its so heartbreaking that he is being desrcriminated because of his breed its not the breed of the dog that makes them mean its the owner and how they raise them. you can make a shitzy aggressive towards people and animals i see it all the time i work at an animal hospital .

  57. Pamela

    I walk two mixed breed pit bulls. I am not their owner. While walking them both on leash recently, a large male boxer left its property and charged us. I didn’t have time to turn and walk away which is what I always do when I see a dog that is loose. The 3 dogs started a viscious fight and the male pit mixed breed really fought visciously. I could not control them and I could also not be in the middle of this. I was afraid and had to step back and I dropped their leashes. After the fight ended the owner said that I needed to get my dogs away and that he should call the police. Am I liable in this situation? What should I have done?

  58. Karen

    Stefan, the attack on your Miniature Schnauzer had NOTHING to do with the fact it was a pitbull at all. It was a dog, allowed to unrestrained & without supervision – it make NO MATTER what the breed is, that is illegal for all dogs in most cities for a reason. To be very honest, any 40lb dog who hadn’t been socialized could have just as easily have killed an 11lb one.

    We have dogs that run loose in our neighborhood too… I won’t walk my PitBulls without a golf club, because they have already proven they won’t protect themselves from an attack. What happened to you could have happened with ANY dog running loose.

  59. Miranda

    I’m in Georgia, and I’m also having issues with my home insurance. I had no problem for years with Nationwide but then they did a system upgrade at the same time my mortgage company was having some issues and my policy ended up cancelled due to non payment (usually paid through escrow). Nationwide had my old phone number from 10 years ago thanks to their “upgrade” so I didn’t know about it until it was too late. They supposidly got everything fixed but found out today they didn’t. My mortgage put me on a premium (very high) insurance company automatically when nationwide cancelled. I called Nationwide today to get it straightened out and for the first time ever, they asked me if I had any dogs. I have four and they all have some kind of story as to why I have them. I have two border collie mixes, a boxer and a pitt (they do fine together although it confuses the boxer & pitt when the border collies try to “herd” them). All males are now fixed (found a place in NE GA that does males for $50 each) and since I happen to have a pitt, the one company that this nationwide agent contracts through that does allow pitts wont’ accept me for “other” reasons that they wouldn’t tell me. It is probably because my roof is getting old. I’ve been calling several places that were listed on this site and statefarm gave me a place to call that is currently working on a quote but I won’t know until Tuesday if they will even take me. My pitt is 1 1/2 with no signs of aggression. I’ve only had him for four months but he was raised with the boxer. He is very energetic and LOVES to play and be petted. He does need more training (barely knew sit when I got him) and i’m working on that but the one time he got loose, he came running back as soon as I called. He tried to chase a squirel and I had mail in my hands and didn’t have a good enough grip on the leash. It was my fault and i’m more careful now. I don’t let my dogs run loose. I had a cat killed a year ago by a lab mix that got out so I am very aware of what can happen if dogs and cats run loose. I usually keep my other cats (3) inside but she was an outside cat for years before she came to me. My family and neighbors know i’m a big softie when it comes to animals although I’m not a hoarder! I’ve rehomed a few that came to me and were not meant to stay. I believe in neutering and spaying. There are way too many animals out there that do not have homes or are in bad situations. The boxer & pitt, I have because their family lost their home with a yard and they were having trouble finding anyone who would take them. The shelters were full and said they would have to put them down. The rescue groups were also full up. The neighbors at the grandmother’s house was complaining about the barking since they were being kept in a very small pen and they were running out of time. They are good dogs and did not deserve to be put down for any reason. My neighbors love my dogs. I have one neighbor with a female pitt who is very bulky in build but a complete sweetheart. She looks mean but she’s very submissive even with other dogs. The rare times when she has gotten out in the last five years, I am the one that usually goes out and calls her back. Benefit of working from home. :) My other neighbor has little yappy dogs that my border collies take great delight in having barking wars with. The boxer & pitt with join in sometimes but usually they just sniff through the fence and then ignore them. Still working on getting them used to cats. I have a huge 25lbs fat white cat that thinks dogs are just big cats and loves to tease them by rubbing against doors and windows where they can see him. I keep them seperated for now until I feel safe that nothing will happen. I do this for any breed of dog unless they are very small puppies who haven’t a clue yet that cats are not dogs. Any adult dog of any size can potenially attack cats and it’s always better to do it gradually. My dogs are mostly outside dogs (large back yard) but the boxer/pitt are currently inside in one of the rooms since they only recently were neutered. They usually have an entire screened porch for themselves for sleeping and stuff. None of the dogs like the dog houses I have out back even though they are good dog houses. They prefer the enclosed porch and hay pen I have set up for them. 😀 I tried hay in the dog houses and it didn’t work. I finally gave up on getting them to use them and made the hay pen on the porch so they didn’t have to lay on the cement. Even in winter they prefered cement to using hay filled dog houses. Out of the four the only one that has ever been an inside dog was one of my border collies and he was going stir crazy being stuck in a house. The boxer is ok inside but he LOVES running and playing out side and enjoys all the scents and sounds that are out there. I’ve gone out there and seen him just sitting there with his nose in the air and his ears twitching. :) Although…show him a tennis ball and you have his total focus! Sorry for rambling but I do love my animals and am very ticked about my insurance issues. Hopefully, you got at least a few chuckles out of my rambling. :)

  60. Stefan

    Last month, I lost my 9 year old Miniature Schnauzer to an attack by a Staffordshire Terrier. My father was taking my dog for her walk. She was walking down the middle of the neighborhood street, on a leash. The “bully” was unrestrained and left its property to inflict a fatal bite. My dog died in the next few minutes from massive bloodloss. My father was uninjured but weeks later is plagued with nightmares from the incident.

    The Staffordshire never exhibited a violent tendency towards my dad. Not even while he was on his hands and knees trying to pry the dog’s jaws open to get my dog back. For that I give the dog full credit. It had its priorities straight. Big human, ignore. Small animal, kill.

    I don’t blame the dog, it has no morality.

    Through talking with neighbors, we’ve come to find out, this dog has attacked two other dogs in the last 12 months. Both of the other dogs were larger or of similar size to the Staffordshire. One attack required stitches, the other did not result in injuries worth mentioning as both dogs were on a leash at the time. Neither attack was reported to the SPCA until AFTER my dog was killed.

    We’ve also been contacted by two people who had “discussions” with the Staffordshire’s owner. To be brief, the owner warned them of the danger. Neither of those people reported the owner/dog.

    So he was aware that the dog was dangerous. He did NOTHING to prevent the dog from being allowed to attack, maim, or kill other people’s pets or family. The dog was allowed to roam, off the leash, in the yard. That fits the definition of Criminal Reckless Endangerment.

    Regardless, neither I nor the SPCA can have the owner euthanized. We can, however, have the dog removed from his ownership and the SPCA can impose upon him restrictions if the dog is returned to him or they can refuse to return the dog in which case it will be destroyed.

    At this point, it has been seized. The hearing to determine if the dog is dangerous is next Thursday. He has gotten a lawyer. I can not afford a lawyer. I should not NEED a lawyer.

    By all outward appearances, this should never have happened. A nice neighborhood and a quiet street. But you can not always profile these situations. The owner was stupid and shouldn’t have been trusted to own a goldfish, much less a dog with the bred-in physical strength of a Pit Bull.

    And yet, this was a rescue dog, supposedly “cleared” and classified by whatever dog rescue association as “OK for adoption”. The rescue association allowed *this man* to adopt *this dog* and as a result created a situation that has already been fatal to one innocent life and will likely end with the euthanization of the Pit Bull.

    As I said, I can’t afford a lawyer. However, I fully intend to take the owner to court in the lower courts of my state where a lawyer is not required. I will be asking for the replacement cost of my AKC registered Miniature Schnauzer and all the veterinarian costs associated with the adoption. If I think I may be able, I would like to sue for damages related to the incident. My father (and recently my wife) who can’t sleep without nightmares surely deserve some recompense? The family has lost a family member. It just so happens, by whatever twist of fate, that MY dog was NOT a Pit Bull and the killing dog was. My dog, at 11lbs in weight (she was small for her breed) and with two partially torn cranial cruciate ligaments (the result of unlucky jumps) was in no condition to defend herself from an animal with the jaw strength of the Pit Bull and this particular dog’s intent to kill.

    The Pit Bull’s breeding has given it the tools to kill. Perhaps moreso than almost any other dog. Likely, moreso than any other popular breed. I do not believe that the breed has any inbred tendency to attack or kill humans. I think for that reason that they make terrible guard dogs. They are very human friendly. However, they are not as universally friendly to other animals. When a human is confused with another animal (child) or gets in the way of an dog-on-animal attack, they are in real danger from a dog with the strength and build and inbred skills that make a Pit Bull.

    I can’t make sense of it, but if there was historical evidence to suggest that Pit Bulls can and do injure and kill more than other breeds (and that evidence exists), it makes business sense to tax those situations at a higher rate. Likewise, if any insurance company is reading my story, would you seriously blame them for attempting to find a way to identify the risk that their customer, this incident, and my ensuing suit, represent?

    Their methods are crude, and boil down to discrimination, but until the methods improve there is nothing else to be done.

    I don’t ask for pity from those of you here. You are the responsible ones. What I do ask is that you be reasonable and THINK about what you are saying. Do your very utmost to improve education, awareness, and responsibility for the ownership of the breeds that are classified as “Pit Bull” and other so called “dangerous” breeds. When you see a situation, report it!

    Only through these methods will anything change.

    Only these methods would my sweet and gentle friend be alive today. Our lives are forever changed and I hope none of you will ever have to experience what I am going through today. If you do your part though, our pain and the life and love of our dog will not be for nothing.

  61. sonny

    which insurance company carry bit bulls dog liability insurance ?

  62. RUSH

    I feel like not insuring because of pit bull breeds is discriminating. That’s like stating Honda insurance will be more than Nissan because they had more accidents last year… it’s the driver not the car. I don’t like the idea at all. I understand not insuring irresponsible owners but in most cases (as in mine) my pit is 7 years old and has been through hell and back with my 5 year old daughter… never even thought about biting her or anyone else who came to our home. I don’t think that insurance companies should be allowed to do this because I have the right to own/purchase/adopt any type of dog I want. I should be able to sign a waiver of some sort stating if my pit ever bites someone my insurance isn’t repsonsible, I am. i’d invite any insurance agent to my home to pet and play with my dog… it’s not vicous. The neighbor is more vicous than the dog. It’s just not right to refuse insurance because someone’s dog has pit in it.

  63. CameroAC

    Interesting to hear from an employee of an insurance company. Yes I understand the decisions of the companies is based upon “statistical evidence” and high profile attacks that have recently been highlighted by the media, causing a backlash of breed specific legislation and anti-bully breed hysteria. That’s always a good way to do business, lets decide something is bad just because the news says so and not because there’s any real evidence to support it.
    However, if they would really do some research, they would find that in reality the types of dogs that bite the most are NONE of the dogs listed by the insurance companies. The dogs most likely to bite are small dogs like weiner dogs, toy poodles, rat terriers, etc. These dogs have also been bred for hunting and protection just like the bigger dogs and from what I have seen in real life, are more likely to bite than a bigger dog. I realize that the damage they can cause with their little mouths is on a smaller scale than a big dog, but if you are quoting overall incidence of bites and not total damage of bites, we should be regulating the little dogs. But, think about bite placement too – little dogs probably bite on places like faces and hands – people aren’t going to do things like put their face or hands right next to your big dog and talk to it like it’s a baby. They do those things to little dogs all the time. And someone gets their face or hands bitten and you still have the potential for a serious lawsuit, and the cosmetic surgery to repair facial scarring could easily be over the $100,000 policy coverage. Bites from bigger dogs that I know of are usually ones where you get your leg bitten as you are passing by or dogs protecting their home or owners. And I know they are pack animals and any dogs left unattended and ill trained are likely to gang up, start hunting like a pack and do serious damages, but what is the REAL data on those attacks, not what the media tells us?
    The other thing that insurance companies need to do is look at the overall population of the breed of dog per bite incidence. Maybe there are more total number of bites from these types of dogs simply because there are more OF them due to popularity of the breed. And we all need to consider that there are all sorts of filters on gathering statistical evidence – anyone could make a case for almost anything if you toss out certain examples because it doesn’t “fit the criteria” of what you are looking for. Yes insurance companies pay out over $300 million in claims per year for dog bites (I think that’s the data I’ve seen, something close to that). What is their total payout for year for other claims? What does this $300 million represent in percentages of the overall total? And how much do they take in each year from policy holders? And what is the percentage of payouts for “dangerous breed” payouts compared to the overall total?
    Too many questions and not enough answers as far as I’m concerned to back up their claims that these dogs are more dangerous than any other dog. It’s annoying that a dog that was known as the “nanny dog” not to long ago for how well it took care of the children in the home has changed to image we have today.

  64. mara

    Just called State Farm as long as they do not seem aggressive and no bite history they will cover my two pitts. Just called Farmers in my area and they will NOT cover any bullybreed.

  65. Angel Kerns

    Farmers Insurance will Insure your dog as long as there is NO prior bite history .

  66. kristen

    Help Im a renter. I love my year and a half old female pit. I live in california and I need to find an ins. company that will cover my baby. Anyone with any suggestions would be more than helpful. Also … I am 8 months pregnant and I havn’t been worried about a thing happening wit my pit and my baby, she is not aggressive @ all and has never bit anyone and im sure everything will be fine but my family is on my rear about it and are trying to freak me out and I don’t want to worry cuz like I said she is a great dog but they are starting to get in my head but I don’t ever want to lose my dog. she is my family!Does anyone have any suggestions that would ensure me that no incidents will ever happen. If so I would appreciate it. Thank You!!!

    • mary

      State Farm!! state farm does not dicriminate against pitbulls. i have 2 and they wrote me renters insurance no problem. affordable too. $500,000 liability for under $200. i called everywhere and only state farm was able to help. thank you state farm!!

  67. Angel Kerns

    As a current owner of an American Staffordshire terrier, I know how important she is to me and my husband. She is not only a great dog she is part of our family. We at FARMERS would love to help you with your Insurance needs. Please contact Angel Kerns – Associate Agent @ 614-443-5000

    Insuring Pit Bull Dogs
    (Ohio Revised Code Section 955.22E)
    Dogs that are a “breed of dog commonly known as a Pit Bull” are automatically considered to be vicious under Ohio law. Owners of these dogs must maintain at least $100,000 of liability insurance coverage on these animals. The maximum penalty for a violation of this section is a $1,000 fine and up to six months imprisonment. If you have any questions regarding these laws, please contact a Field Supervisor at the Department of Animal Control’s Enforcement Division at 462-3400.
    Call today for a FREE Quote!
    Ask for Angel
    1301 S High Street Columbus, Ohio 43206

  68. Beatriz

    I thought this site is to be informative on renter insurance that would accept PITBULL!!!
    I love this website and the love for Pitbulls, yet I need HELP ASAP or I’m going to lose my boy. I live in NJ and its like a needle in a hack stack to find insurance to cover my dog. Someone please help and let me know where I should look

  69. Michael Holley

    I think its a bunch of bs its from closed minded people ill just leave it at that what they dont realize is this breed has been around since the 1800s they are war heros they are wonderfull pets i have a male and a pom she is meaner then he is it just upsets me people need to do there homework before they tell the bs if anyone feels the same please email

  70. Los

    its realy good to hear what an employee from an insurance co. has to say. Jill, your right about, “not allowing certain breeds of dogs is similar to not allowing people with certain driving records to hold a policy, too.” thats a good point. when i get on these forums and read about rates going up, or some companies will not accept, “what should i do?” It makes me wonder.. If only all these people, including myslelf,on these posts and other thousands the same, just get together and take your piece of advice and start from the bottom. Talking to the agents, the the local, and even state gov, might change things. But if wont happen if we just keep settling on paying more and even dropping policys.
    What happen to protesting?

  71. Lindsay

    I’ve had a pit for 4 yrs, and owned my home for 4 yrs as well. No bite history. I used to have All risk insurance, but they have decided to not renew my policy. So now my new “only” option according to my agent might be Foremost which is a branch of Farmers. With both insurances my rates are higher than they should be because of the dog, even though both policies have an exclusion to any liabilities that my happen involving the dog. I think next time, I will say he is a mixed breed heavy on the lab side, what else can you do.

  72. Jill

    First, I would like to assure you that I am not in favor of breed discrimination.

    I work for a national insurance company. Most insurance companies will not accept the following breeds of dogs: American Staffordshire Terriers; Pit Bull Terriers; German Shepherds; Akita; Chow Chow; Huskies; Great Danes; Presa Canario (Canary Dogs); Bull Mastiff; Rottweiler or any mix of the above. Always specifically ask before you take a policy!

    Most large insurance companies have actuaries who calculate the level of risk for any given scenarios. Dogs are no different. The dogs on the list are large dogs with the potential to do a great deal of harm if they attack a human. Think about how big a Dane is, for example, compared to a small child. Think also about how intense your Am Staff can be when playing with other dogs. They are also dogs involved in high-profile cases of human attack.

    The insurance industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries out there. By and large, they are only allowed to practice such discrimination because they have actual evidence to back it up. If you don’t like it, then you will have to lobby your state insurance regulatory body and your state legislators, because currently the industry is regulated on the state level.

    Is it discriminatory? Sure. However, not allowing certain breeds of dogs is similar to not allowing people with certain driving records to hold a policy, too. Some companies do not accept drivers with, say, more than one DUI in 5 years because they are a bigger risk than the company wants to accept. This keeps prices down for those of you with good driving records.

    You as the owner are liable for the actions of your dog. That means if some small child antagonizes your dog (despite the fact that you have repeatedly asked the child not to do it) and your dog bites that child’s face, your insurance company will likely pay out for that. If your liability is at $100,000 and the medical expenses + “damages” total more, you can be held responsible for that. Some companies have weird exclusions built into their policies, so READ YOUR POLICY!

    All of that being said, I understand that you as responsible dog owners are getting a raw deal. The only way to change that is to, as I said, start with state law. You might even start with your local insurance professionals (agents, for example). If enough insurance agents have a fair, balanced view of certain breeds, then things CAN CHANGE!

  73. John

    Travelers Insurance is no longer big dog friendly; Chow, Dobie, Rottie , Pits, etc.
    I am having luck with State Farm and Farmers,in Las Vegas NV,about 20% higher than without a Pit

  74. barbara

    isn’t this discrimination. not only do these insurance companies make an uneducated and biased decision- likely based on media perception- but they don’t event try to fairly evaluate (ie: a mandatory behavioral assessment by an approved behaviourist at owners cost). it is probably fair to say that they are treating responsible pit-bull owners as if we were drug dealers who are generally involved in dog fighting. i for one would like to see the statistics on the breakdown of pit bulls owners who “viciously” attacked someone. categories could be those involved with drugs/felony/arrests versus persons who have no prior warnings/arrests, etc.
    is there any potential for legal action based on discrimination or profiling?

  75. MAH

    Farmers Insurance will cover the dog if they do not have bite history. They do not discrimate against any type of dog. If you called one agent and they told you no, call another.

  76. Alicia

    I just bought a pitbull puppy. I am thrilled and in love with him, he is very sweet and comes from a long line of sweet, loving, safe dogs. I am very annoyed at the reactions I get by my choice in a dog. I don’t like having to think of what I will have to do when I buy a house (I’m 22). It’s all hype and hysteria surrounding pitbulls. Lets hope it soon changes. :)

  77. ln

    I just got renter’s insurance and own 2 dobermans. State Farm was no problem. I did check because I do want to rescue a pit in the future. In Ohio any pit bull type dog is considered vicious regardless of temperament. You cannot get insurance through State Farm if living in Ohio, but other states are okay. Getting your pit CGC certified through the canine good citizens test through AKC, I’ve heard, will take the place of having the insurance. Talking to your local APL or humane society should help determine if this is the case in your area. Often times a microchip can offset needing insurance also. Personally I’m glad I have the insurance. I will be moving out of state soon and it is more difficult to find a rental home with large dogs, but it shows responsibility if you have an insurance policy. I do think this hysteria is ridiculous. I wish they’d put as much time and effort into taking out animal abusers, neglecters and fighters as they do with BSL.

  78. danielle

    i totally agree with everyone on here. i have 3 wondeful pitbulls that would never bite anyone. my landlord,after 3 years of living here, now wants us to get renters insurance that covers our pitbulls and alot of insurance companys are ignorant to the breed, along with many other breeds. i think its totally ridiculous!!

  79. DG

    I tried to renew my homeowner’s insurance in Virginia with Traveler’s/GEICO and they would not renew it because my dog is part pit bull, even though she has never had any incidents of any kind. I have my auto insurance through them as well, which I will now be changing due to this policy. Insurance companies are supposed to base their policies on numbers and facts, not ignorance and hysteria.

  80. kevin riley

    I truly think that people really need to wake up and smell the roses. Pits can be the most loving animals in the world. Yes, I under stand its the owners, not the dogs, punish the owner not the breed. Where I’m from pit bulls saved people; they were used to protect and serve. They were cop dogs – they can be trained and tamed. People should be more careful when selling, go through the background – I mean I wouldn’t sell a dog to someone that I think is going to fight. That is where most of the problems come from because if they were not sold to the criminals then the dog might have a chance of living a good life. I really hate that people are so terrified of pits. I have a pit and he is only a pup, 12 weeks, and I just recently moved with my gf and her parents. They were terrified of him and said things like ‘he is going to get big one day’, and it made me feel good to prove her parents wrong, and show them how smart and nice he can be. Then I had to move him in with my mom because their insurance wanted to drop them. Screw all insurance companies that don’t allow as y’all call it ‘bully breeds’.

  81. jodi

    i am so glad to know i’m not alone in this i have 2 pits and 4 children and they are great with my kids!!!! i was like everyone else in the begining i was terrified and then i went out to eat for lunch one day and there she was beautiful dog so she came home with me and we have been best friends ever since i just recently got the male about a week ago and my current insurance company dropped me because i had more than 1 of the breed so if anyone out there can help PLEASE my landlord has threatened to evict me unless i get insurance.

  82. Brandie

    Thanks for such a great site! Your information was very helpful to me. I just adopted a Staffordshire Terrier and he’s such a love! I live in Ohio so I have had to deal with all of the laws, including insurance. I did find that State Farm would not cover a “Pit Bull” type breed under homeoweners insurance. They were, however, helpful in understanding my position and I found insurance with The Ohio Insurance Exchange. They do not have a website so you would have to find them in the Yellow Pages but they are very nice and helpful. Thanks again for a wonderful website and I hope this information is helpful to anyone out there looking to give a bully dog a home. :)

  83. Jake

    Awesome website! Wanted to let you know that I called Farmers insurance and they told me they would not offer home owners insurance to pit bull owners.

    • Aaron

      I called Farmers Insurance and they told me my dog was not an issue at all. I live in Carson City, Nv. so it may depend on your location

  84. Amanda

    I think Pitt bulls deserve to live their life with their owners. I have to Pitts with some on the way and i can tell you my dogs have never even tried to bite a person. my 7month old nephew sits with my female pitt and plays with her on the floor and my male is always cleaning him up and kissing him. My family was afraid of pitt bulls untill they actually got to meet mine now they are defending their breed and praising them to everyone.. its not the breed its the owner.. if they are brought up to fight or be very protective they will be but if they are brought up to love and be a good companion they will. Punish the owners for their dog killing someone not the breed. A pug could bite or kill someone but they aren’t on the list. So why is it that pitt bulls are being demolished from state to state. it is wrong i guess every time a person kills or injures another person they should be killed too!!!


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