Boarding Your Pit Bull

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Boarding Your Pit Bull

Finding a boarding kennel for your Pit Bull or bully breed dog can be a daunting, seemingly impossible, task. Do not lose hope. You can find a safe, Pitbull and bully friendly boarding facility. The best way to approach finding a boarding kennel for your dog is to first compile a list of local kennels. When gathering the locations for your list, be sure to record email addresses and phone numbers, as you will want to contact all of the places on the list. I find that often people under estimate the value of a good phone call. Making a phone call and asking some good starting questions will save you a trip to the boarding kennel in the beginning and in turn, you will save time.


List of Questions to Ask on the Phone:

  1. Does the facility accept your dog’s breed – be aware that many kennels will deny service to dogs that “resemble” Pit Bulls (i.e. American Bulldogs, Pit Mixes, etc.). If your dog most looks like a Pitbull, you may just want to be straight forward and ask if they accept Pits.
  2. What medical records are required? Any vaccinations the dog(s) must have prior to their stay?
  3. How is the facility staffed? Are there staff members on-site 24 hours per day?
  4. If a pet becomes ill or injured during their stay what is the protocol? Will I (the owner) have the option to send my dog to their regular veterinarian?
  5. Is there a veterinarian that provides services for the facility 24/7?
  6. How are special diets/medications handled?
  7. Will I be contacted in the event of an emergency?
  8. Does my dog always have a supply of fresh water available? If not, how often is water provided?
  9. How often will my dog be fed? Do I need to bring bowls from home? Is food provided?
  10. Will my dog be interacting with other dogs?
  11. What do you do if a dog is fearful of being alone or a dog that is acting aggressively toward animals/people?

Checklist for Visiting the Kennel:

  1. Is it clean?
  2. What do the kennels look like – are they nice and home-like or cement and fence?
  3. What is the condition of the dogs currently kept there? Do they allow you to interact with the dogs being boarded?
  4. Is the staff welcoming and friendly?
  5. Are they open to boarding a bully breed dog at their facility?
  6. Have they had bully breed experience?
  7. Does the staff seem organized?
  8. Is there a play area for the dogs?
  9. Are there any foul odors in the pet housing areas?
  10. Do the boarded dogs seem content?
  11. Are the pens free of excrement?
  12. Is there adequate food and/or water in the pen?
  13. Will your dog be cleaned and groomed during his stay?

Tex, Black LabChoosing a boarding kennel isn’t the easiest thing on earth, but with some patience and diligence, the odds you find a wonderful facility are better. First and foremost, be honest. If your dog is dog aggressive, has separation anxiety, or is capable of scaling walls, let the facility know. The more up front you are, the better your odds are of finding a kennel where your dog will be happy. Second, do not stop at calling kennels, make sure to follow through with an in-person visit, bringing your dog with you – if at all possible. Of course the number one question and concern you will have is whether or not the kennel is accepting and friendly toward bully breed dogs. Stay away from facilities that are overly-eager to take your pet, and ones that have no previous Pitbull or bully experience. Here’s to a safe and pleasant boarding experience!

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