Ralph Lauren’s Dog Walk with the ASPCA

Oct 17, 2013 by

Ralph Lauren and The ASPCA teamed up to showcase rescued dogs and fall fashions. You’ll see a few happy pit bull faces throughout the video. The best part is ALL of these dogs were adopted!

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Sad Dog Diary – Dear Diary for Dogs

Jun 2, 2013 by

Zefrank captures the true essence of what it means to be a dog. This video highlights some of our best friends’ daily struggles including: demystifying magical cat creatures, trying to help humans learn to poop outside, and more.

Prepare yourself to laugh uncontrollably.

Slightly adult language.

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What Is Dog Liability Insurance?

Nov 13, 2012 by

Dog Liability Insurance, also known as canine liability insurance or pit bull insurance, pays for damage your dog does to other people/animals or property.

With so many states, cities and counties changing laws about Pit Bulls (and other “dangerous” dog breeds), you may need dog liability insurance. Even if you are not required to have dog liability insurance, it’s highly recommended! The unfortunate truth is that many people are often looking for any excuse to sue, and a dog liability policy can help to make sure you are covered.


Does your home or renters insurance provide dog liability insurance?

Blow the dust off your policy and crack it out. Look in the EXCLUSIONS portion of the policy and read about the Liability Exclusions. See if your policy mentions anything about excluding dog bites, injuries caused by animals/dogs or if it lists specific breeds. If it does, your dog is most likely not covered.

While many insurance companies and carriers breed discriminate, there are a few that love all dog breeds (so long as there is no history of biting/aggression). You don’t have to give up your beloved 4-legged family member, you just need to know what options are available.


Einhorn Insurance Keeps Families Together

Einhorn Insurance can help owners of all dog breeds get dog liability insurance. If they are not licensed in your state, they’ll point you in the right direction. The folks over at Einhorn Insurance all own Pit Bulls and understand how it feels to be discriminated against.

Even if your dog has a bite history and/or been deemed dangerous, potentially dangerous, vicious or potentially vicious, Einhorn Insurance has options. Feel free to give them a call at 858.336.4644, send an email to agent@einhorninsurance.com or visit their website www.einhorninsurance.com


What does dog liability insurance cover?

Many people think dog liability insurance is like having health insurance for your dog. This is not the case.

Dog Liability Insurance Covers:

  • Bodily injury your dog causes to other people or other animals.
  • Vet Bills including surgeries and medicine.
  • Medical Bills including plastic surgery to the injured person.
  • Attorney fees if your claim goes to court.
  • Damage your dog causes to other people’s property (not including the damage your dog causes to the place you are renting).
  • Income compensation if the injured person can’t work.


It is important to have the right dog liability insurance!

Dog owners may lose their homes, assets and income in a dog claim. People (especially the parents of hurt children) that are victims of a dog injury want compensation for injuries. When a dog owner doesn’t have the right coverage, the injured party can go after that person’s assets or take a portion of each of your pay checks until they are fully compensated.

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Kelly Ripa Pit Bull Comment

Oct 10, 2012 by

Here we go again…

100% Gangster

Kelly Ripa is the latest in a string of celebrities and organizations that feel it’s necessary to continue to perpetuate stereotypes about pit bulls.

Kelly Ripa’s Quote From the Show:

“But the gangster’s dog is uh, I mean if it’s a gangster it would have to be a dangerous, uh, Pit Bull kind of dog, right?”

I’ve read a few reports defending Kelly Ripa saying that she “chose poor wording” or that she had not adequtely prepared for the segment and was just going “on the fly”. Um…isn’t speaking on television her job? Do you mean to tell me that every segment on her show is scripted and that for some reason this one wasn’t and she stumbled? Even if she did stumble on her words, we are still left with the root issue – which is that Kelly Ripa immediately associated gangsters with dangerous dogs, which (in her mind) means a “Pit Bull kind of dog”.

Do you think is being blown out of proportion, or does Kelly Ripa owe Pit Bull owners and advocates an apology?

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Dogs Are Not Disposable

Sep 21, 2012 by

“I’m sure someone will adopt him.” Wake up.

So you’ve left your dog at the shelter. Now the clock starts. Your dog has about 72 hours to find new owners, starting at the time you dropped him off. This 3 day deadline can be extended if the shelter isn’t jam packed with other abandoned pets, and if your dog manages to ward off one of the many infections that inhabit animal shelters. Your dog will lay on a cement floor, confined to a small kennel, surrounded by other displaced dogs. Your dog will shiver, whine for you, and wonder what it did to deserve such a horrid punishment. It will be forced to relieve itself in the same place it sleeps. Each day their cement box will be pressure washed to clear the area of their excrement. Your dog will cry for companionship, attention and care. Most will receive attention via a metal bowl filled with donated food slid under their door twice a day, and the lucky ones (at facilities with lots of staff and volunteers) will get to go for a walk or two during their stay.

Eventually, all this anxiety and confusion will make your dog more succeptible to picking up one of the many viruses and bacteria that are housed in the shelter. As soon as your dog shows any signs of poor health, he will euthanized. As soon as your dog starts displaying any type of adverse behaviors, he will be euthanized. If your dog gets into an altercation with another dog, he will be euthanized. The shelter employees and volunteers do not do this because of a sadistic love of euthanizing pets, they do it because they lack the resources to nurse your ill dog back to health, and because they lack the space to separate dogs with special needs.

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