Pit Bulls in Time

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Pit Bulls in Time

Once upon a time, the American Pit Bull Terrier was a highly revered war hero and respected family pet. The American Pit Bull Terrier was referred to by many as a “nanny dog” because of the way they look after, display gentleness toward and care for children. The pit bull’s likeness was used in print advertisements as a symbol of stability and honor. 

In an effort to get back to the ‘glory days’ of these dogs, I have compiled an album of some great historical photos showing Pit Bulls of the past. While it’s hard to pick a favorite, I’d have to say I am partial to the picture of Hellen Keller with her beloved Pit Bull.  Enjoy your trip and looking at these vintage Pit Bull photos.

Vintage Picture of Boy with Pit Bull

Kids and Pit Bulls

Children and Pitbulls

Old Pictures of Pit Bull Dogs

Introducing Dog to New Baby

Pit Bull Post Cards

Hellen Keller with Pit Bull

Kids and American Bulldogs

Little Girl with Pit Bull

World War I Pit Bull Poster

Picture of Pit Bull Watching Baby

Pit Bull Agility Competitor

Pit Bull with Duck

Pit Bull Driving Fire Truck

Pit Bull in Stroller

American Pit Bull Terrier History

Pup Brand with Pitbull Mascot

Pit Bull Advertisements

Vintage Images of Pit Bull Dogs

WWI Pit Bull Service Dog

WWI Pitbull Propaganda Poster

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  1. chloe

    i love this page you have put together. pit bulls do not deserve the name they are getting these days. but i am afraid that no matter what anyone does to try to save the good name of these dogs, there will still be some people trash out there that will fight these dogs and make them so mean that no body wants to see the truth. it is sad think that people hate on these dogs because of their natural instinct to please their owners. i have no respect for the trashy people who have given these dogs a bad name, but i have respect for you now.

  2. Luke Noone

    Teri, this is an awesome page you put together. Why can’t I find you on FaceBook?

  3. Teri Markosek

    Pits are the Best dogs in the world!!! I wish people would take the time 2 meet them and STOP listening 2 the media and all their stupid horror stories!!!


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