Dog Ate Fish Oil

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Dog Ate Fish Oil

I came home from a quick, two hour long trip to the store to find a 400 capsule bottle of fish oil pills spilled out onto the dog’s bed. We’ve been giving them one, 1000 mg capsule per day to help with arthritis and inflammation – turns out they like them a bit too much… Upon closer inspection, and a re-count, I estimate that my dog(s) ate between 150-175 of the Omega-3 Fish Oil pills. Both dogs seem fine (even the one I know ate them all on his own). After doing some reading and researching of my own I’ve found that there is no “remedy” for a Fish Oil overdose, either in dogs or humans, and that the best thing to do is to offer supportive therapy.

For the next few days I will be keeping a close eye on the dogs, making sure to keep them fed and hydrated. I am expecting there to be a fair amount of loose stools and diarrhea, and will be sure to seek medical care if at any time they appear dehydrated, listless, or otherwise ill. Pancreatitis (due to the high amount of fats ingested in a short amount of time), gastrointestinal upset and dehydration appear to be of highest concern in the event of a Fish Oil overdose, but I’m hopeful that their iron stomachs can handle the bit of extra lipids. They should be good as new in a few days; maybe even sporting a shiner coat!

One thing to check for if your dog ate Fish Oil with any type of Omega (Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 Fatty Acids) is to make sure that the Fish Oil capsules do not also contain Vitamin A or Vitamin E. If your dog has ingested Fish Oil that contains Vitamins A or E, it is more serious because Vitamins A and E are fat soluble vitamins, meaning they will be absorbed into your pet’s body instead of being excreted in the urine. A build up of excess Vitamin A or E can be toxic, and your dog should be seen as soon as possible to avoid any potential complications.

Day 1:

Is Fish Oil Toxic to Animals

Fishy smells burps and flatulence. One of the dogs is drooling slightly, and I STRONGLY suspect he acted alone on this fishy mission. He doesn’t seem worse for the wear, and ate a full dinner. Had a solid BM during his evening walk (only slightly unusual because they generally only go in the morning), and no loose stools. I kept him in the kitchen overnight just in case, but no vomit or diarrhea.

Day 2:
The fishy burps are gone, but the flatulence remains. Slightly softer stool this morning, but nothing major. Drooling stopped after the first few hours post ingestion yesterday. I kept him in the kitchen again, which was a good thing because he did have a loose bowel movement overnight and subsequent accident. He did not go again when taken outside, and no vomit. His appetite is the same, and he is eating/drinking normally.

Day 3:
Loose stools in the morning, but ate regularly again in the morning. Kept in kitchen area all day and did not have an accident. As an added bonus his coat is starting to get really shiny!

Day 4:
Everything is back to normal!

** I am not a veterinarian or any other type of medical professional. This post is my opinion/experience only, and should not be substituted for medical care for your pet; consult a veterinary professional in the case of any accidental overdose. **

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  1. ash

    my bulldog just did this, she jumped on the counter while i was out and ate about 30 capsules of 1000 mg fish oil, about 30 of 500mg garcinia cambogia, and about 90 of 580 mg bee pollen. im so mad shes never gone up on the counter before today, even when there was food sitting there!

  2. Beth

    Thanks for the day-to-day breakdown. Most people wouldn’t have thought to sum it up quite as well as you have. Definitely helped ease a panicked fur-mom’s worries tonight.
    Wanted to take the time to say thanks for that.

  3. Carrie

    My goldendoodle just did this! I’ll be keeping an eye on him tonight…

  4. Tom

    Boy did you save a restless nights sleep! I have a 95lb rottie that just got into a box of fish supplements. She ate about (I didn’t inventory the throw up) 150-200 (1000 mg)fish oil capsules. I am guessing it’s 3-7 hours after she ate them I found out, she seems a bit tired, will still go crazy after her ball and ate a normal dinner. While laying down she has this look of “what the hell did I just do!? I’m figuring she’ll be fine, I will keep a close eye on her. Expecting a mess and I know I can’t be mad if she has an accident in the house. She will have limited access of course. Say a prayer or keep your fingers Crosssed!

  5. Randy

    Omg… My pitbull did this tonight. I hope he’s gonna be ok.

  6. tracie

    I’m so glad you posted this!

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