Breed Profile – Boxer

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Breed Profile – Boxer


Boxers are descendants of two German Mastiff-type dogs the Bullenbeizer and Barenbieszer, which were later crossed with Mastiffs and Bulldogs. Historically Boxers have been involved in a variety of activities including hunting, bull baiting, pulling carts, circus dogs and tending to livestock as cattle dogs. The breed standard was established in the early 1900s and the name Boxer is derived from their “punchy” fighting style. Today’s Boxer is a gentle and loving family companion that make excellent guard dogs. Boxers can be found working in search and rescue as well as in the military, they also participate in obedience and trick competitions.


The Boxer’s body is very muscular and compact with a short coat close to the body. Dogs of this breed tend to be very happy, high-spirited and energetic which can make them a bit much to handle for an inexperienced owner. While generally obedient and fun-loving, Boxers can also be very stubborn and sneaky; early training and socialization is important to reinforce positive behaviors. They are very loyal and bonded to their families, and do fairly well with other pets when introduced properly. Females tend to be more dog aggressive than males, feeling a greater need to assert their dominance in social situations. Overall these dogs are major clowns that love to lounge around with their people and have a great time.

Amber and Bama, Owner: Flickr Member angel_shark (Used Under CC Licence)


Boxers are great with people and most other pets when introduced properly. Females tend to display more dog aggression/prey drive than males, and if you wish to have more than one Boxer in the same house it is recommended that they are of different sexes to avoid quarrels. The Boxer has a very protective nature and will make sure you, your family and your home are safe at all times. Boxers are a very jumpy breed and should be trained from a young age to not jump up on people when they are excited, some Boxers even do this until old age, therefore it is not something your little Boxer puppy is likely to grow out of any time soon. They are known for their boisterous welcomes to known guests, while they take a bit longer to warm up to strangers.


This is a very active breed and will require either a large yard or plenty of vigorous exercise. They enjoy retrieving as well as other outdoor activities; they will do fine in an apartment with sufficient activity. Occasional brushing with a fine bristled brush is enough to keep the Boxer’s coat looking great; only bathe when necessary as this removes essential oils from the skin. Boxers are very clean and will tend to groom themselves like cats.

Health Issues:

There are some major health concerns with purebred Boxers including heart problems like cardiomyopathy, sub-aortic stenosis as well as thyroid condiditons. They are also prone to skin allergies, epilepsy, hip dysplasia and deafness. These dogs may also have issues with excessive drooling, snoring and flatulence.

Average Height: Male – 22 to 25 inches / Female – 21 to 24 inches

Average Weight: Male – 60 to 70 pounds / Female – 52 to 65 pounds

Colors: Fawn, brindle, brown and white.

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